Mystic (Etrian Odyssey) Edit

Members of the forest folk who defend their homeland with mysterious spiritual powers.
Enemy Data
HP 300
AT 116
DF 88
EXP 940
Skills Salve, Voltshot, Sealing
Items Sand Cloth, Ink Stick
Weakness Crush, Fire
Resistance Pierce, Ice, Volt, Bindings, Status, Instant Death
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Mystics are first encountered on B18F.

They are members of the Forest Folk, and together with Druids are the main magic users of their tribe's normal ranks.

Skills Edit

  • Salve (Uses ???):
  • Voltshot (Uses ???):
  • Sealing (Uses ???):

Drops Edit

  • Sand Cloth (Worth: 75 en)
  • Ink Stick (Worth: 72 en)

Conditional Drop Edit

  • None.

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  • There is a character class in Etrian Odyssey IV which is most likely based on these warriors. Not only do they share the Mystic name in Japan; their character portrait looks quite similar to the monster's sprite, staff included.