Soldier (Etrian Odyssey) Edit

The forest folk's rank-and-file soldiers. Their duty is to eliminate any and all intruders.
Enemy Data
HP 400
AT 167
DF 88
EXP 912
Skills Evil Cry
Items Hard Shard, Ink Stick
Weakness Fire, Crush
Resistance Pierce, Ice, Volt, Status, Instant Death, Bindings
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Soldiers are first encountered on B18F.

This type of enemy normally comes in pairs and can get quite dangerous after boosting its attack stats. Fortunately, it has rather low HP, allowing you to kill it before it can pull of any hurting attacks.

Skills Edit

  • Evil Cry (Uses Head): Increases the attack stat of the user.

Drops Edit

  • Hard Shard (Worth: 70 en)
  • Ink Stick (Worth: 72 en)

Conditional Drops Edit

  • None.

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