A demon's dream of Paradise
Floor description, Forgotten Capital

The Forgotten Capital is the fifth Labyrinth in Etrian Odyssey IV. However, on first visit, most of the maze is locked away by a large door, and it can only be opened by entering the tunnel in the southwest corner of the map to reach secret areas of the previous labyrinths and activating the King's Thrones. Once that is accomplished, the rest of the Capital opens up for exploration.

Due to the 5th maze requiring the player to revisit the previous labyrinths, the Capital proper is only one floor long, but that floor is also rather tedious to traverse. There are little to no visual cues on where the shortcuts are as compared to the previous labyrinths. Near the end is also a room that reuses the wrap-around mechanic from the Misty Ravine. At the end of the labyrinth, the Cursed Prince awaits.

Gather PointsEdit


  • Cursed Durian
    • Its stench is so strong that animals stay away.
    • 300 en
  • Valerian
    • Its roots and rhizomes have medicinal effects
    • 900 en


  • Nephite
    • A deep green gem used in expensive crafts
    • 300 en
  • Odd Wall Chip
    • A brittle stone. May be usable for building
    • 900 en


Small ChestEdit

  • F/2-3/3: Great Tree Key
  • C/7-5/4: Commander's Boots
  • D/5-3/3: Bravant
  • A/1-2/3: Snake and Bowl (Hygieia's Bowl Burst) (Part of the quest "Key for the Capital")
  • A/3-2/4: Cloudy Records (Triumph Song Burst)
  • A/5-2/3: Power Gloves

Monsters FoundEdit

FOEs FoundEdit