Freed Savage
Freed Savage
A gigantic sea beast kept by the Deep Ones. When released, it pursues its prey relentlessly.
Enemy Data
HP 2262
AT 49
DF 47
EXP 11890
Skills Bite Off, Ground Shake
Items Curved Horn
Weakness Fire
Resistance Ice, Volt
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Freed Savage (Etrian Odyssey III) Edit

Freed Savages are found throughout the 4th Stratum.

They are aggressive FOEs. On B13F, they are only found locked behind shutter gates, which must be opened before they can reached. On lower levels, they instead lie in wait in side-corridors along hallways.

In battle, they can use Ground Shake to damage and potentially stun party members. This can be critical, if your healer is stunned when he/she tries to heal the party, so keep this ability in mind.

Otherwise, they will Bite Off individual party members for high (often fatal) damage.

They are extremely vulnerable to Fire attacks, which is a godsend, since they can take quite a few hits before going down. Status effects also work well to get some breathing room.

Skills Edit

  • Bite Off (Uses Head): Damages one target.
  • Ground Shake (Uses ???): Damage to entire party with a chance to stun.

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