The Sacred Mountains are home to a dreadful monster called the Icy Pincer. Defeat one and bring me a Frigid Sickle.

Quest GuideEdit


Defeat the Icy PincerEdit

After accepting the quest from Kirtida at the Dancing Peacock, you may choose to gather information from the lonely hunter Dylan. He will tell you the following:

"Hey, you guys. Are you familiar with the lonely hunter Dylan? Heh, that's right. You're looking at him. What about the Icy Pincer? It's a big, powerful praying mantis that flies around the Sacred Mountains. The parts from a monster that tough sell for a bundle to collectors. Naturally, they hired me. But I went out for some recon and that thing's impossible... I don't think it would even consider me a threat. So, erm... I put in a request for some other guild to bring me the Frigid Sickle instead."

So the client wants you to fight an Icy Pincer and bring back a Frigid Sickle. Head to the Sacred Mountains. Up in the northeast corner there is an Icy Pincer guarding a cave; if you haven't gotten into the cave already, then this might be the one you want to attack. It would probably be a good idea to bring a Medic, Arcanist, or a lot of Nectar with you to heal and revive allies, as this FOE is fairly strong for a party below level 40. Using arm binding techniques as well as poisonous attacks will help weaken the Pincer, and using defense boosts to your party will make it easier to keep up with the damage it deals. Also, it is weak against bashing and fire attacks, so the Runemaster's fire attacks will come in handy as well.

After defeating the FOE, you may then check the Underground Lake if you haven't already, then return to the Dancing Peacock. Talk to Dylan, then Kirtida to claim your reward.


  • Exp: 4,100 per member
  • Item: Hard Leather

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