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The Frozen Grounds is the third stratum of the Yggdrasil Labyrinth. Covered in snow and ice, most monsters have a specialization in Ice attacks and are weak to the other two elements. Several parts of the level are also completely frozen over, causing anyone who steps on frozen tiles to slide until stopped by an obstacle or solid ground. Positioned around these frozen patches are ice blocks that can be pushed around, either to kill FOEs or to ease navigation.

It is said that the grave of the Ice King is located in a hidden part of one of the floors...


Floor Monsters Bosses/FOEs Mine Chop Take Chests
11F Fishman, Forest Dragonfly, Snow Ghost, War Bison Ambush Wolf, Gentle Toad -- Protruding Root, Sea Branch, Ice Branch, Glitter Apple, Forest Tea -- 1
12F Claw Beetle, Fishman, Snow Ghost, Forest Dragonfly, War Bison, Snow Lizard, Sleipnir Hell Dragon Celestine, Adularia, Ice Sheet, Winter Daikon, Petit Onion -- -- 3
13F Claw Beetle, Evil Mammoth, Great Hermit, Sleipnir, Snow Lizard, Snow Ghost, Ice Drake* Evil Eye -- -- Strawberry, Icy Flower, Narcissus, Meltwater, Goatgrass 0
14F Evil Mammoth, Fishman, Redfish, Giant Snow, Great Hermit, Snow Lizard, Ice Drake*, Snowbird* Blue Gel, Evil Eye*, Blizzard King** -- -- -- 3
15F Deadly Statue, Giant Snow, Great Hermit, Redfish, Snowbird, Snow Lizard Ambush Wolf, Hell Dragon, Evil Eye, Blue Gel, Artelinde & Wilhelm, Scylla Celestine, Adularia, Ice Sheet, Winter Daikon Protruding Root, Sea Branch, Ice Branch, Glitter Apple Strawberry, Icy Flower, Narcissus, Meltwater 2

*Appears only in the secret area.
**Appears once "A life in the balance" is in progress.
†DLC only.

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