A fawn with beautiful fur. It seems unthreatening, but witnesses speak of a parent lurking nearby.
Enemy Data
HP 248
AT 12
DF 9
EXP 336
Skills Stomp
Items Fawn Hide, Fawn Hoof
Weakness Slash, Pierce, Bash, Fire, Volt
Resistance None
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Furyfawns are young versions of Furyhorns which appear in the Small Orchard, walking in a path until they come across the Take spot, at which timepoint they will graze for several turns, giving the party the oppurtunity to get a preemptive strike against them. Despite them being FOEs, they are still rather weak and can be easily taken down by low-level parties. If you kill both Furyfawn, a dangerous Furyhorn will spawn, pursuing the party unless they flee to the next room.

Skills Edit

  • Stomp (Uses ???): Bash damage to one party member.

Related MonstersEdit

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