Furylord (Etrian Odyssey II) Edit

Furylord (Etrian Odyssey II)
Unlike lesser deer, this hart is quite intelligent and relies on trickery, not direct attacks.
Enemy Data
HP 580
AT 20
DF 20
Skills Step
Items Deer Hide, Gum Hide
Weakness Fire
Resistance Ice, Volt
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The appearance of an alpha on the third floor, the Furylord, greatly increased the pack's viciousness. This deer rose through his pack's ranks using not just brute force, but a surprising intelligence displayed in both its cunning use of weakening skills while waiting for reinforcements, and ambush techniques by skillfully having hidden "bodyguards" near him that will only appear if their leader summons them.

This pack was responsible for the disappearance of a huge number of soldiers, all of them brutally cornered and killed by the Furylord. The only surviving soldier was already cornered and about to be killed as well when you reach the scene. You can't rescue the soldier without doing something about the guarding furylord; however, you can lure it away to rescue the soldier by using the provided Lure Bell.

The same as their Furyhorn counterparts, if approached from behind will give you a preemptive strike.

Skills Edit

  • Step (Uses ???):

Conditional Drop Edit

  • None.

Related Monsters Edit

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