Garauchi (Etrian Odyssey II)Edit

When it shakes its long tail, the sound causes panic and headaches in humans who hear it.
Enemy Data
HP 162
AT 19
DF 19
EXP 741
Skills Taillash, Corrode
Items Ruby Shard, Ruby Scale (Conditional)
Weakness Ice
Resistance None
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Garauchi are first encountered on 8F in Etrian Odyssey II: Heroes of Lagaard.

Skills Edit

  • Taillash (Uses ???):
  • Corrode (Uses ???):

Conditional DropEdit

  • In order to get the Garauchi's conditional drop, the Ruby Scale, you need to kill it with a Volt-elemental attack.

Related MonstersEdit

Rattle Nozuchi (Etrian Odyssey III)Edit

Rattle Nozuchi
Rattle Nozuchi
A distinctly-shaped snake that hides in the shadows of rocks. It tangles its foes before they can act.
Enemy Data
HP 328
AT 25
DF 21
EXP 907
Skills Twine
Items Red Iron Chip, Red Iron Scale (Conditional)
Weakness Slash
Resistance Ice
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Rattle Nozuchis are first encountered on B9F.

These lizards will try to bind up the arms of the front row using Twine. While the binding can be a nuisance to deal with, Rattle Nozuchis aren't really dangerous enemies, so they should die rather quickly.

Skills Edit

  • Twine (Uses ???): Has a chance to bind the front rows arms.

Conditional DropEdit

  • In order to get the Rattle Nozuchi's conditional drop, the Red Iron Scale, you need to kill it with a Volt-elemental attack.

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