Gatekeeper (Etrian Odyssey III) Edit

A stone giant that guards the Deep City, preventing the Deep Ones from invading.
Enemy Data
HP 10000
AT 45
DF 42
Skills Souha Stance, Tenchi Souha Sho, Disperse
Items Crushing Arm, Giant's Core
Weakness Physical Attacks, Fire, Ice, Volt
Resistance None
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Gatekeeper (or Guardian) is the third boss of Etrian Odyssey III: The Drowned City. It is fought at B12F (Searing spirit of ruin).

This huge, metal knight, guards the passage that links the Molten Caves to the Abyssal Shrine, protecting it from the Deep Ones and stopping anyone from outside from finding about the existence of the below stratum. It was built by the Abyssal King, using the technology granted by the Yggdrasil Tree.

It has a humanoid body. At first, it stays stationary, fixed to the ground, but if one manages to survive its powerful attacks, it will separate its head from the body, and each part will attack separately. Its attack methods are varied. Its head attacks from far, with lasers and missiles, and even some elemental attacks, while it's body, no longer connected to the floor, is being able to hover in the air and attacks with its huge arms, on melee range. If the two parts are together, they will use its most powerful attack, a powerful laser, launched from the magick spheres it hold, that completely destroys anything on its path.

Keeper's Body
Guardian body
The giant's detached body. It has thick armor and can crush it's foes with overwhelming force.
Enemy Data
HP 5000
AT 38
DF 37
EXP 12390
Skills Iron Claw, Line Slice, Punching, Malfunction, Critical Break
Items Clay Plating, Quake Leg
Weakness Elemental Attacks
Resistance Physical Attacks
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Strategy Edit

The whole fight follows a pattern. It will always start in full body. It will first use Souha Stance, as a warning that it will use Tenchi Souha Sho on the next turn. It will then be idle for the next turn and then it will Disperse and divided into two parts.

The parts then start attacking during this time. The head will use elemental attacks while the body will use physical attacks. The body is weak against elemental attacks while the head is weak against physical attacks.

After a few turns, the two parts will combine and form the full body again, which restarts the cycle.

Note that the each of the parts have exactly half of the HP of the full body at the time it disperses. This means that even if you focus on just one part and do a lot of damage to it, the HP will be made even when it disperses again. Likewise, the full body will have the combined HP of the two parts.

Keeper's Head
Guardian head
The giant's detached head. It is versatile and adaptable, and can deal with any enemy.
Enemy Data
HP 5000
AT 36
DF 36
EXP 12480
Skills Blizzard Breath, Electric Flash, Heat Ray, Malfunction
Items Clay Horn, Magic Circuit
Weakness Physical Attacks
Resistance Elemental Attacks
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The key of the fight mainly will be to survive Tenchi Souha Sho. When it starts using Souha Stance, give everyone a defensive buff and have everyone defend the next turn, though this matters less if your party can survive it. Take the next turn to heal up and get ready to face the two parts.

The two parts' attacks are quite random and unpredictable. You can focus attacking the part you want at this time. Have your physical attackers focus on the head while your elemental attackers focus on the body. Focusing on one is not important at this stage because the parts' HP will be evened out again later. The parts will combine into the full body again after several turns. Note that if you destroy one part, the other will self destruct the next turn and dealing heavy damage to the whole party. Just have everyone defend the next turn after destroying a part, or for better result, destroy both parts at the same turn.

Another consideration is what do you want to get from the fight, because the parts and the full body has different drops. You may want to consider if you want to kill it in full body or not.

Abilities Edit

The Gatekeeper

  • Souha Stance - Self buff, preparing to attack
  • Tenchi Souha Sho - Deals heavy Strike damage to the whole party
  • Disperse - Disassembles into two parts

Keeper's Head

  • Blizzard Breath - Deals moderate Ice damage to a row
  • Heat Ray - Deals heavy Fire damage to a single target
  • Electric Flash - Deals heavy Volt damage to a single target
  • Malfunction - Preparing to self destruct
  • Critical Break - Self-destructs and deals heavy neutral damage to the whole party

Keeper's Body

  • Iron Claw - Deals heavy Pierce damage to a single target
  • Punching - Deals heavy Strike damage to a single target
  • Line Slice - Deals moderate Slash damage to a row
  • Malfunction - Preparing to self destruct
  • Critical Break - Self-destructs and deals heavy neutral damage to the whole party

Conditional Drops Edit

  • Full Body - Giant's Core : Kill while arms are bound
  • Keeper's Head - Magic Circuit : Kill while head is bound
  • Keeper's Body - Quake Leg : Kill while legs are bound


In the Deep City route of EO3, Seyfried will, at one point, mention that the Yggdrasil Tree of Armoroad will create a new Gatekeeper, explaining its respawning.

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