Ghost Ship (Etrian Odyssey III) Edit

Ghost Ship
Ghost Ship
The ghost of a derelict ship that appears near Tortuga Island. It is difficult to intercept.
Personal Details
HP 3888
AT 35
DF 33
EXP 11961
Skills Baracuda, Heated Shot, Dazzling Aurora, Oil Cannon, Arrest Mine, Thunder Cannon
Items Ghost Keel, Naval Ram
Weakness Ice
Resistance Fire, Volt
Professional Details
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The Ghost Ship is a sea boss, that has to be fought when doing the Tortuga Island sea quests.

It uses Heated Shot to deal fire damage to the entire party. While the damage from Heated Shot is not really something to worry about, it can combo it with Oil Cannon, which also deals damage to the entire party but also decreases the party's fire resistance, drastically increasing the damage from Heated Shot in the process.

Its Arrest Mine hits the entire party for damage, has a chance to decrease the evasion and also has a chance to bind the legs. Baracuda hits one party member for high damage and deals splash damage. Thunder Cannon deals volt damage to one party member.

The Ghost Ship can also use Dazzling Aurora to increase its evasion.

Note that the Naval Ram is not a conditional drop. It has a 10% drop chance and prevents the normal drop when you get it.

Skills Edit

  • Baracuda (Uses ???): Hits one party member for heavy damage. Has splash effect.
  • Heated Shot (Uses ???): Hits the entire party with fire damage.
  • Dazzling Aurora (Uses ???): Increases the evasion of the user.
  • Oil Cannon (Uses ???): Damages the entire party and lowers their fire resistance.
  • Arrest Mine (Uses ???): Damages the entire party, decreases evasion and has a chance to bind legs.
  • Thunder Cannon (Uses ???): Deals volt damage to one party member.

Conditional Drop Edit

  • None.


  • Considering the fact that the ship is not a living thing and therefore has no soul of its own, it is most likely a manifestation of its crew members' souls fused together.

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