Courageous and strong, they eschew armour to display their trained bodies and fight with swords and hammers.
In-Game Description, Etrian Odyssey III

The Gladiator (known as Warrior in Japan) is an offensive class from Etrian Odyssey III. They are useful for their high attack and offensive capabilities.

The Gladiators are similar to the Landsknecht from prior installments. They can equip Medium Armor at best, and use Swords and Clubs to great effect. They are fairly slow and they can use Shields but only certain ones such as the Bone Shield. They have an assortment of skills that increase their potency whether through increasing attack or lowering the foe's defense. Overall, they are a more stable class, with both high attack and decent defense.


Etrian Odyssey III: The Drowned City Edit

Gladiators are fairly balanced, possessing high STR (though lower than an Arbalist's) and decent defense. They can use both Swords and Clubs with swords having lower attack power, but higher hit rate and skills that hit more than one target (such as Rush and Rampage) while clubs having higher attack power and skills with special effects (Arm Breaker and Crushing Blow), but having a much lower hit rate. They also have Berserker Vow which sacrifices percentage health for percentage attack. Wolf Howl is useful at lowering the enemies defense power too, allowing them to do massive damage. Charge doubles (or more) the power of the next attack, causing ridiculous damage in one hit.

Their downsides are both their low speed, making them go next to last on their turns, and lackluster defences plus losing most of your health at high levels of Berserker Vow, which makes you really good at dying. Also, clubs have a sub par hit rate.

Stat ProgressionEdit

Does not include any stat bonuses from skills, equipment, Books, or Retirement.

1 47 19 10 3 7 4 3
35 265 73 37 17 33 22 21
70 489 129 64 32 59 40 40
99 628 164 81 41 76 51 51

Skill Tree Edit

Skill Description Type Requirement
Endless Battle A skill for gladiators that raises physical attack power. Class Skill -----
Sword Mastery Prerequisite for katana skills that raises katana damage dealt.* Mastery Skill -----
Club Mastery Prerequisite for club skills that raises club damage dealt. Mastery Skill -----
Stun Attack May inflict stun damage with a normal attack. Passive Skill White Flame Lv3
Wild Swings Attacks skills may cause splash damage to nearby enemies. Passive Skill

Sword Mastery Lv5

Club Mastery Lv5

Avenger Recover HP whenever an ally is defeated. Passive Skill Berserker Vow Lv1
Break Sword: A slashing attack brought down on a single enemy. Sword Skill Sword Mastery Lv1
Rush Sword: Flank the enemy and slash them apart at random. Sword Skill Sword Mastery Lv3
Bind Cut Sword: A strong slash at one enemy, made more effective if it is bound. Sword Skill

Sword Mastery Lv3

Break Lv5

Rampage Sword: Swing violently behind enemy lines, slashing all enemies. Sword Skill Sword Mastery Lv7
Blade Rave Sword: Rapid slashes at random enemies. Sword Skill

Sword Mastery Lv10

Rush Lv5

Crushing Blow Club: A strike attack that smashes enemy brains. May inflict confusion. Club Skill Club Mastery Lv1
Arm Breaker Club: A strike attack that smashes enemy arms. May inflict arm bind. Club Skill Club Mastery Lv3
Freezing Blow Club: A strike attack that smashes enemies with an ice element. Club Skill

Club Mastery Lv3

Crushing Blow Lv5

Nine Smashes Club: A strike attack that wallops one enemy quickly and repeatedly. Club Skill

Club Mastery Lv10

Arm Breaker Lv5

Berserker Vow Sacrifice HP to raise physical attack power for three turns. Support Skill -----
White Flame Through meditation, nullify status ailments for 3 turns. Support Skill Berserker Vow Lv5
Charge Use one turn to increase damage on the following turn's attack. Special Skill

Avenger Lv3

Wolf Howl Lv3

Wolf Howl Decrease enemy defense for four turns. Stacks with status ailments. Support Skill -----
  • Funny story: Gladiators can't equip Katanas. They mean regular ol' Swords.

Subclass Options Edit

Ninja: Bushin makes Ninja a benefit to most any class, and there's not much difference here. Got an empty front-row slot? Not already using it? Time to double your numbers. Also a good choice for solo-character Tagen Battou strats.

Arbalist: If you're going the clubs route, then you really, really want Proper Form along with it, Nine Smashes is incredibly unreliable otherwise.

Buccaneer: Being able to use damage limits more is real nice. Eagle Eye can also help but between that, Charge and Berserker Vow you're often leaving little time to actually hit things.

Shogun: Warrior Might, Vow, Charge, two to four Shoguns with Swashbuckling depending on how many support members you want to risk excluding, proceed to murder everything in 3 - 9 turns. Requires NG+ (or just grinding), because of how late Shogun becomes available, but its really, really strong.

Gallery Edit