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Gladsheim Labyrinth art

Gladsheim is an ancient ruin that has been abandoned for nearly a thousand years that is located far from Etria. It takes a couple days travel by horse to reach there. The Highlander is requested by the Radha to explore these ruins in order to find out what the cause of the anomalies in the area. The ruins are split into five areas and are all separately accessible via geomagnetic poles that are scattered throughout the Yggdrasil Labyrinth.

History Edit

It appears that Gladsheim was once a research facility that developed weapons since the presence of Gimle, Gungnir, and M.I.K.E., all weapons of mass destruction, seem to indicate so. But Gladsheim also seems to be a research center that was once heavily involved in the development of the Yggdrasil Project. The fact that Frederica was put under cryogenic sleep in this facility and that M.I.K.E. was stationed here seem to suggest this.



The first area of Gladsheim; the capsule room where Frederica is discovered

The Player first reaches the area via horsecart and discovers a room where a capsule resides. He discovers Frederica Irving in cryogenic sleep within the capsule. It is then when the capsule automatically opens and Simon, Raquna, and Arthur(agents of the Midgard Library) enter the room and join the Player's party.

The Geomagnetic Pole on the first floor of the Primitive Jungle is linked to this part of the ruins.

Things That Can Be Found

Monsters Number of Treasure Boxes Number Panel Boxes Panel Box Function
Errant Camel(miniboss), Coeurl (F.O.E./Boss), Raging Camel (F.O.E.), Carmine Beak (F.O.E.), Flying Beetle, War Bison, Venom Spider, Vampire Bat, Venomfly, Woodfly 4 8

Turns on/off lights; Wakes/puts FOEs to sleep.

Special Notes Edit

While it is possible to go back to the first area explored, there is no reason to other than to grind, as you cannot go through the door, interact with the panel, or look at the capsule Frederica came out of.


The second area of Gladsheim. This area can be reached by the Geomagnetic Pole that resides in the Azure Rainforest. It is also the area where the party meets M.I.K.E. and Frederica's memory is restored.

Things That Can Be Found Edit

Monsters Number of Treasure Boxes Number of Panels Panel Box Function
Queen Bee(Boss), Noble Bee, Blue Patroller(F.O.E.), Army Wasp, Mauler Mole, Doom Bison, Venom Spider 5 6 Opens/Closes numbered doors

Activates M.I.K.E.


The third area of Gladsheim. This area can be accessed via the Sandy Barren's Geomagnetic Pole

Things That Can Be Found Edit

Monsters Number of Treasure Boxes Number of Panels Panel Box Function
Gudanna (/Boss), Voracious King (F.O.E.), Mauler Mole, Eviloid, Dragonfly, Vampire Bat, Scissor Crab 2 0 --

Special Notes Edit

Upon entering, M.I.K.E. will tell you that he has eliminated most of the monsters in Gladsheim (possibly with the help of Gimle), which leads to fewer monster encounters. However, there are still F.O.E.s in the area to deal with. Once this has been said, it applies to Area I and Area II as well.


The fourth area of Gladsheim. This area can be access using the Geomagnetic Pole in Lost Shinjuku. It is in this area where Frederica and M.I.K.E. explain to the party the destructive consequences of activating Gungnir. When the party disagrees with the use of Gungnir, M.I.K.E. turns against them, using Gimle to attack the party.

Things That Can Be Found Edit

Monsters Number of Treasure Boxes Number of Panels Panel Box Function
Gimle (F.O.E.), King Frog, Hexroot, Eviloid, Death Mantis 1 1 Opens Moon Door


The final area of Gladsheim, where the main terminal of M.I.K.E. resides. Upon entering here, M.I.K.E is nearing the activation of Gungnir. The party has a total of 50 ticks(one turn in battle or step in the overworld costing one tick) to both reach and defeat him. If the party fails to stop M.I.K.E. in time, the blast radius of Gungnir will kill everyone in the party and in Etria. After M.I.K.E. is defeated, Frederica reluctantly shuts M.I.K.E. down.The second Geomagnetic Pole in Lost Shinjuku, and later Claret Hollows, connects to this area.

Things That Can Be Found Edit

Monsters Number of Treasure Boxes Number of Panels Panel Box Function
M.I.K.E.(Boss), Calamity Crab (F.O.E.) 0 0 N/A

Special Notes Edit

Later, in the aftermath of the battle against M.I.K.E., Frederica returns to AREA V while the party is resting in the inn. The Player notices and follows her, discovering that Frederica returned to mourn and talk to M.I.K.E.'s unresponsive interface. Surprisingly, M.I.K.E. responds, but only briefly, saying that he would support whatever plans the party would follow through with. Relieved and satisfied, Frederica and the player returned to Etria.


Etrian Odyssey Untold TMG - Labyrinth - Gladsheim04:04

Etrian Odyssey Untold TMG - Labyrinth - Gladsheim

  • Carmine Beak
  • Flying Beetle
  • War Bison
  • Venom Spider
  • Vampire Bat
  • Venomfly
  • Woodfly

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