Gold Gel (Etrian Odyssey II) Edit

Gold Gel
Gold Gel
This gelatinous blob prefers to engulf its prey, absorbing it into its body for digestion.
Enemy Data
HP 433
AT 52
DF 40
EXP 2515
Skills Acid, Fluid
Items Lemon Core
Weakness Fire, Ice, All Ailments & Binds
Resistance Physical Attacks
Immune Volt
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Gold Gels are first encountered on 21F in Etrian Odyssey II: Heroes of Lagaard.

Gold Gels are extremely resistent to physical attacks, so using Fire and Ice elemental attacks does wonders. They can use Fluid to lower the party's agility. Also, Acid does damage and heals the Gold Gel for half the damage dealt.

Skills Edit

  • Acid (Uses ???):
  • Fluid (Uses ???):

Related Monsters Edit

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