The Golden Deer is a recurring enemy in the series.

Goldeer (Etrian Odyssey)Edit

This golden-furred buck lives deep in the forest, and is rarely sighted by humans.
Enemy Data
HP 419
AT 167
DF 88
EXP 1052
Skills Charge, Rush, Corrode
Items Shiny Horn, Musk
Weakness Volt
Resistance Fire, Ice
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Goldeers are first encountered on B16F. Just like the Fender, they are random encounters instead of FOEs. They should be given priority because they can greatly increase their attack power with Charge, which can destroy unprepared parties once they start using Rush.

An effective way to deal with Goldeers is to use a Dark Hunter with Shackles, as it can disable it's Rush, an also do a decent amount of damage. Ronins can also deal huge damage as well as coupled with a Volt-Typed impact, often killing the Goldeer in 1 turn. A Hexer can be quite helpful after the Goldeer uses Charge, by hitting itself or other monsters with a great damage. An Alchemist with Thor will kill the deer almost everytime it hits, as Volt is its main weakness.

However, being such a common monster, it won't be much of a challenge for a team that has already defeated Cotrangl.

In the remake, Golden Deer appear yet again on the first floor of the Sandy Barrens.

Skills Edit

  • Charge (Uses None): Uses one turn to increase the damage dealt by the next attack.
  • Rush (Uses Legs): Deals damage to all party members.
  • Corrode (Uses Head): Decreases the defense of all party members.

Drops Edit

  • Shiny Horn (Worth: 71 en)
  • Musk (Worth: 75 en)

Conditional Drop Edit

  • None.

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Golden Deer (Etrian Odyssey IV)Edit

Golden Deer
Golden Deer (EOIV)
A buck with shining golden fur. Its habitats are rare enough that one does not encounter it often.
Enemy Data
HP 3498
AT 50
DF 46
EXP 17523
Skills Rush, Charge
Items Golden Horn
Weakness Fire, Volt
Resistance None
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The Golden Deer is a FOE found in Golden Deer Keep. Unlike the Furyhorn that spawns regularly in Valley Spring, it is hostile and chases the player on sight. Just like the Furyhorn, they CAN AND WILL walk 2 spaces instead of one. Even if you go through a door, it will jump over pits to get you, making it dangerous and hard to avoid if it sees you.

If one wants to explore the area without dealing with the deer, then the quest Golden Deer hunt works well. By luring it to a specific part of C3 upon command, it's taken off the map until it respawns or you leave.


  • Rush (Uses Legs): Inflicts bash damage on a row of party members.
  • Charge (Uses Head): Powers up the next attack.

Drops Edit

  • Golden Horn (Worth: 1325 en)
  • None.

Conditional Drop Edit

  • None.

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