"Golden horns bar the forbidden gate"

A golden deer acts as this library's guardian. It can easily jump over the many pits here. A locked door lies tantalizingly in the center.

Spoiler Warning: Plot details follow. Read at your own risk.

Golden Deer Keep (Etrian Odyssey IV)Edit

This cave is home to the eponymous Golden Deer, who is quite vicious and territorial. As soon as it spots you, it will give chase, leaping over pits that are a space wide.

While there isn't much more to this place during the main story line, upon loading a cleared save file after the credits, the Outland Count reveals the locked the door in the northwestern room has recently become unlatched. This leads to a secluded area with the 6th and final maze: the Hall of Darkness.

Gather PointsEdit


  • Serpentinite
    • Its pattern resembles the tracks of a snake.
    • 250 en
  • Rose Quartz
    • A faint pink crystal, in demand by jewelers
    • 750 en


  • Myrciaria Fruit
    • This fruit's skin has myriad uses.
    • 750 en
  • Hyacinth Petal
    • A petal that's lovely when floating on water.
    • 250 en


  • A/2-4/3: Ill Star Chart (Burst skill)


  • C/3-2/4: The Soldier you have to talk too during the request Golden Deer hunt
  • C/1-1/2: Try to catch the Crayfish, does nothing once you do (but amusing to witness)!

Monsters foundEdit

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