Golden Deer Pub
The Golden Deer Pub is the social hotspot in Etria. Owned and run by Valerie, adventurers and citizens alike come here to relax after a long day with great food and good drinks. There will also be quests posted here from patrons seeking help. Valarie is a sweet girl with a good sense of humor, and who cares about her patrons deeply as if they were friends.


  • Accept Quests: Here is a listed posting of quests that come from people in Etria. Some even come from Radha Hall, and from Valerie herself, and can range from a variety of things. You can only take on five quests at a time.
  • Report Results: This is where you turn in the quests to Valerie and collect your rewards, or tell her you're giving up on a quest.
  • Gather Information: Go around the pub and talk to the other patrons. Sometimes they will give valuable information on how to get a certain material or defeat a monster. Some quests require that you talk to the patrons in order to get the information needed to complete it.
Etrian Odyssey Untold TMG - Town - The Lounge Where We Speak of Tomorrow01:38

Etrian Odyssey Untold TMG - Town - The Lounge Where We Speak of Tomorrow

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