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Gorezard (Etrian Odyssey II) Edit

Its collar appears red, as if flecked with blood, and it can heal its fellow creatures.
Personal Details
HP 646
AT 54
DF 54
EXP 5670
Skills Saliva
Items Red Collar, Albino Fur
Weakness Ice
Resistance ???
Professional Details
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Gorezards are first encountered on 26F in Etrian Odyssey II: Heroes of Lagaard. Their skill, Saliva, heals the entire monster party to full health. When combined with Oldcrabs, they are extremely deadly: The Oldcrabs will use their skills to lower your attack and raise their defense, and the Gorezards will heal all damage you deal.

Gorezards are slow when using Saliva - most skills and attacks will go first. Most alchemist's skills won't go first however.

Skills Edit

  • Saliva (Uses head):

Related Monsters Edit

Bloody Lizard (Etrian Odyssey 2 Untold) Edit

Blood Lizard
Personal Details
HP 590
AT 47
DF 41
EXP 22200
Skills Affection Collar
Items Golden Horn, Poisoned Hide (conditional), Lizard Loin (ingredient)
Weakness Ice, Fear
Resistance Fire, Petrify, Sleep
Professional Details
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Bloody Lizards are enemies first encountered on 27F of the Forbidden Wood. They are fond of spamming their one move, Affection Collar, that heals them and their allies while raising their turn speed. This makes them prime targets to be eliminated or the battle will drag on needlessly.


  • Affection Collar (uses head): Heals the party and raises their turn speed.

Conditional DropEdit

To get the Poisoned Hide, kill the Blood Lizard while it is poisoned. Selling this to the shop unlocks the Divine Orb, an accessory that gives the user 100 TP.

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