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The Great Lynx is the weakest of the cat monster family, but should not be taken lightly on that account. They have a yellow pelt and distinct blue markings on their face. They can be found in Etrian Odyssey III and Etrian Odyssey IV.

Great Lynx (Etrian Odyssey III)Edit

Great Lynx
Great Lynx; border:2px solid #337800; background:;">
Great Lynx
Personal Details
HP 300
AT 22
DF 17
EXP 1150
Skills Bite Off
Items Mountain Claw, Sealed Claw (Conditional)
Weakness Fire
Resistance None
Professional Details
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 The Great Lynx is a powerful monster first found in the Miasma Forest, and again on B1F and B2F of Misty Ravine. It is one of the most powerful monsters you can fight, and may be a significant challenge when first arriving in the area. The Great Lynx often travels alone, but sometimes can be found with other enemies such as the Forest Hare.

Skills Edit

  •  Bite Off (Uses ???):

Conditional Drop Edit

  • In order to get the Sealed Claw you must kill the Great Lynx while its arms are bound.

Related MonstersEdit


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