Gudanna (Etrian Odyssey Untold) Edit

A bovine beast with giant horns and claws. The horns are durable and sharp enough to pierce anything.
Enemy Data
HP 9494
AT 41
DF 33
EXP 52000
Skills Grudge, Wild Breath, Knockdown, Thunderstrike, Foot Stomp, Speed Stab
Items Bull Horn
Weakness Ice
Resistance None
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Gudanna is an enemy present in Etrian Odyssey Untold: The Millennium Girl. It is the main boss of Gladsheim AREA III.

This towering behemoth-like monster, largely resembling a bull, is a main threat to the Highlander's party, as they seek one of the terminals that activate the Gungnir. It posses herculean strength and is able to control electricity at will.

Strategy Edit

Gudanna is an extremely difficult boss, boasting extremely high offences, and is not to be taken lightly. Before fighting it, make sure Raquna has learned Volt Wall and that the party is around levels 35-40.

On the first turn, it will use Thunderstrike, its main attack. It deals a ton of volt elemental damage to the entire party, and can easily kill most party members with ease. For this reason, Volt Wall is a must. It will use this attack every 3 or 4 turns afterwards, so take care. Knockdown deals heavy damage to a character row and may bind their arms. Foot Stomp deals damage to a single character and splash damage to the ones adjacent to it, and may paralyze them. This is extremely dangerous, should it hit Raquna, as she won't be able to block Thunderstrike when paralyzed. Gudanna can also use Wild Breath to increase its attack power for several turns, making its already powerful attacks even more deadly. Bringing skills that lower its attack power is recommended to cancel this dangerous buff. As its health grows lower, it gain two new attacks, Speed Stab, which deals heavy damage and pierces across both rows, and Grudge, which lowers the entire party's attack power and curses them.

Along with the skills mentioned above, Raquna can use Front Guard, Parry and Defender to better protect the party. Party Cure can help in emergencies. Ricky should focus on trying to bind its head, as its most powerful attacks use it, or attacking with Charged Ice or Ricochet. The Highlander's Delayed Charge+Cross Charge combo is great for damage, and he can provide support with Bloody Offense or Head Pierce. Black Sabbath can help in healing as well if needed, just be careful if you are using bindings or status on the boss. Simon, along with Salve, should learn refresh at least on level 5, in order to counter both the paralysis and the curse effects of the boss' attacks. Arthur can attack with Analysis+Ice or Freeze formula, or the Light Formula/Tincture + Firelight combo.

Skills Edit

  • Thunderstrike (Uses Legs): Deals huge volt elemental damage to the entire party.
  • Knockdown (Uses Head): Deals heavy damage on a character row, and may bind their arms.
  • Foot Stomp (Uses Legs): Deals medium damage on a target and allies adjacent to it, and inflict paralysis.
  • Wild Breath (Uses Head): Increases Gudanna's attack power for 3 turns.
  • Speed Stab (Uses Head): Attacks that pierces through both character rows, dealing heavy damage.
  • Grudge (Uses Head): Lower's the entire party's attack power, and may inflict curse on them.

Drops Edit

  • Bull Horn (Worth: 2540 en)
  • None.

Conditional Drop Edit

  • None.