Guildkeepers are the ones who stay at the guildhouse and take care of all the necessary needs while doing so. All of the Guildkeepers will provide the same basic duties, managing Items, Grimoires, QR Codes. They also will request the guild's aid in collecting items or defeating monsters in exchange for XP and a reward.

When assisting the guild with their particular skills, sometimes bonus effects will be applied. Skills labeled "GOOD" will give beneficial effects such as increasing the strength of equipped grimoires by two levels. Skills labeled "BAD" will hinder the party, such as preventing them from using exploration skills.


Rosa is the original Guildkeeper, as sent over by Raquna's father along with use of the mansion. She is soft spoken and polite, as expected of her given profession, though she has a tendency to be overly critical of herself.

Her special skills involve serving the cordials her grandmother taught her to make, which will deal with HP and TP. She will also occasionally give the party items from Shilleka's Goods to aid them.

Name Effect Cost
Regenurtica During battle, your party will recover HP at the end of every turn. 10en
Gingerlife Your party's max HP will increase. 50en
Echinaceup Your party's max TP will increase. 50en
Amalawake During battle, your party will recover TP at the end of every turn. 50en
Elderevenge During battle, your party will recover HP and TP when damaging an enemy. 300en


Austin is a detective that the guild first encounters at the Golden Deer Pub who visits Etria to search for his rival and crime king, Baroudeur. He speaks in riddles, but incredibly wise, and seems to get a kick out of confusing people with his words. He is the second guildkeeper to join in both modes, albeit the last to join in Classic Mode.

His specialty is telling stories, which then give the party ideas on how to prevent certain status ailments. He will also occasionally gift accessories from Shilleka's Goods to the guild.

Name Effect Cost
Fallback Plan The first negative status effect of the battle on your party will be blocked. 100en
Revenge Plan The first attack that damages a party member will cause a counter-attack.


Bracing Plan The first attack that does damage to your party in battle will be healed.


Escape Plan The first bind of the battle on your party will be blocked. 100en
Revival Plan While exploring, the party will be granted a one-time revival if wiped. 600en


The leader of the Forest Folk tribe. After the party defeats Iwaoropenelep in the Yggdrasil Labyrinth, she becomes weak and is taken to the Guildhouse in order to recover. Once she is well enough to be moving around, she takes up role as Guildkeeper in order to thank the guild for their kindness despite the circumstances. As she stays, her mannerisms become less suspicious and hostile, resulting in her using kinder language to address the party. Her role as guildkeeper is exclusive to Story Mode.

Her specialty is summoning monsters in order to aid in battle, delivering attacks to the enemy at the end of the first turn. She also will occasionally gift the party with materials from any of the stratums they have visited.

Name Effect Cost
Kokohetche At the end of the first turn, a Forest Demon will appear and use Fire Storm. (Fire damage, all targets) 400en
Konrushinotcha At the end of the first turn, Corotrangul will appear and use Flood. (Ice damage + sleep, multiple targets) 400en
Ponpehetche At the end of the first turn, a Pixie will appear and use Petrify. (Single target, high petrify chance) 400en
Koshimbuhetche At the end of the first turn, a Cruella will appear and use Siren. (Confuses all targets) 400en
Kannashinotcha At the end of the first turn, Iwaoropenelep will use Voltwing. (Electric damage + paralyze, all targets) 800en

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