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The Hall Of Darkness is the optional 6th labyrinth in Etrian Odyssey IV. Accessible only from a locked door inside of the Golden Deer Keep, this maze is inaccessible until the postgame. The design of the maze, much like the Echoing Library, consists of walls made up of bookcases. However, unlike the Echoing Library , the bookcases are colored blackish brown; the only color coming from the bloodstains that cover almost half of the walls. This dungeon is considered to be one of the hardest (if not the hardest) in the game and therefore should not be taken lightly.

Gather PointsEdit

  • Chop
  • Take
    • Ambrosia
    • Grub mold
  • Mine
    • Dark Piroxite
    • Tri-Color Stone




B1F: Nightmare Ram, Beetle Lord, Plated Roller, Stun Eryngii, Wrath BloomEdit
B2F: Moth Lord, Trigourd, Flygourd, Hexgourd, Beetle Lord, Plated Roller, Stun Eryngii, Wrath Bloom, Muskloid, Thunder SpawnEdit
B3F: Moth Lord, Trigourd, Flygourd, Hexgourd, Beetle Lord, Plated Roller, Wrath Bloom, Muskloid, Red Lion, Hollow Magus, Thunder Spawn, King DragonflyEdit

Minor changesEdit

  • Instead of the normal leaves that appear when you run into a battle, they are replaced with chains.

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