The large river near Tharsis seems to extend into the Scarlet Pillars. I need someone to discover where its source is.


Quest GuideEdit

After acquiring the quest from the Dancing Peacock, make your way over to the Mark Grand Court. Talk to him and he will explain that because you did such a great job last time, this time he wants you to do the same: find the headwaters, but this time in the Scarlet Pillars.

Since your ship has the new altitude upgrade, you may go up a level to search for the source of the water. The point he is looking for is in grid A-1, very near the top of the map.

The headwaters are found in A-1/2-3 of the Scarlet Pillars. Mind the Omnihunter neaby.

After exploring the map and finding the appropriate spot, return to Tharsis and talk to the Count once again and as before, point out the source of the water on the map.


  • Item: 1,500en
  • Exp: 1,000 per member

Related QuestsEdit

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