See also: Heavenly Keep

Hovering above the Yggdrasil Tree, and only reachable from the topmost floor of the Petal Bridge, is the Heavenly Keep. It is here where the party hears the Overlord who attempts to bring their journey to an end, and as they go about the floors, they can piece together the world's past by listening to old recordings from the past civilization as they attempted to salvage humanity from the apocalypse.

Scattered about the floors are also special machines that can provide healing, TP restoration, or Force replenishment, which can be even more powerful if the correct ingredient is provided. Those machines dispense soup, like some of the vending machines from before the Apocalypse. Each of these machines can operate once per day.

Also scattered about the floors from 22F onward are doors that spawn flying bombs. These bombs move 2 squares per player step in a straight line, only turning should the player line up with them at the side. Each door can only spawn 1 bomb at a time, and clever manipulation of these bombs will be vital in destroying the FOEs on the floors without engaging in needless combat.


Floor Monsters Bosses/FOEs Mine Chop Take Chests
21F Mandrake, Gem Lizard, Forest Bat, Iron Tortoise Sky Metal Knight -- Gum String, Ironwood, Light Chip, Swallow Nest, Stone Mushroom -- 1
22F Mandrake, Gem Lizard, Nozuchi, Black Wing, Forest Bat, Yellow Gel, Iron Tortoise Cursed Knight -- -- Life Honey, Wild Rose, Odd Fruit, Sky Egg, Purified Water 1
23F Mandrake, Nozuchi, Iron Tortoise, Black Wing, Forest Bat, Gem Lizard Juggernaut -- -- -- 2
24F Nozuchi, Yellow Gel, Black Wing, Huge Statue, Silver Gunman, Nightmare, Forest Bat Silver Sentinel Moonstone, Tourmaline, Shine Rock, Soft Floor, Wall Piece -- -- 1
25F King Gel, Undead Soldier, Silver Gunman, Nightmare, Gem Lizard, Huge Statue, Nozuchi, Yellow Gel Sky Metal Knight, Cursed Knight, Silver Sentinel, Overlord Moonstone, Tourmaline, Shine Rock, Wall Piece Gum String, Ironwood, Light Chip, Swallow Nest Life Honey, Wild Rose, Odd Fruit, Sky Egg 2