Hellbull (Etrian Odyssey)Edit

From its habitat deep within the forest, it attacks all intruders

with its large horns.

Enemy Data
HP 850
AT 298
DF 124
EXP 1904
Skills Charge, Rush
Items Gold Fur, Gold Horn
Weakness Elemental Attacks, Status, Instant Death
Resistance None
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Hellbulls are first encountered on B23F. You will encounter them for the rest of the stratum afterwords.

Much like other enemies in this stratum, it has a skill called "Charge", which makes it's next attack hit harder, it's next attack will usually be "Rush", an attack that hit's the entire party. With Concentrated attacks a Hellbull should not be a threat, but if you have to hit other, more threatening monsters first (Muskoids, for example), then keep the Hellbull in mind and set up defensive buffs accordingly.

Hellbulls are typically never alone, always preferring to pair up with the other monsters instead of others of their own kind.

They drop 2 items with "Gold" in their name, the "Gold Fur", which is also obtained from Vahara (In later games, known as the Raging Boar), and the "Gold Horn" dropped uniquely by this monster. Both are needed to make certain pieces of equipment.

  • 2 Gold Fur and 4 Gum Thread (Silker) are needed to make the Fur Boot (DEF +7, AGI+14)
  • 3 Gold Fur and 5 Gum Thread (Silker) are needed to make the  Gold Cape (DEF+3, HP+25)
  • 1 Gold Horn and 1 Gold Tusk (Vahara) are needed to make the Bhuj Axe (ATK+198)
  • 1 Gold Horn and 5 Death Stem (Muskoid or Chop) are needed to make the Bow Arbelist (ATK+161)
  • 5 Gold Horns are needed to make the Kuzunosada Kattana (ATK+209)

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