Hexfrog (Etrian Odyssey)Edit

A dangerous nuisance of a black frog, whose croak affects the

human nervous system.

Enemy Data
HP 222
AT 89
DF 64
EXP 825
Skills Curse
Items Gum Throat, Glass Eye
Weakness Crush, Volt
Resistance Instant Death
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Hexfrogs are first encountered on B12F.

When you first encounter these enemies, they shouldn't be that much off a threat. They take quite an amount off damage, but be careful, because if the Hexfrog manages to use Curse on the damage dealer, he will also die in the process.

Related Monsters Edit

Zapper Frog (Etrian Odyssey IV)Edit

Zapper Frog
A black frog with an organ that generates voltage for purposes of self-defense.
Enemy Data
HP 512
AT 39
DF 38
EXP 3397
Skills Electric Dive, Belly Flop
Items Zapper Skin, Zapper Tongue
Weakness Bash
Resistance Fire, Ice, Volt
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This frog is seen in the B3F of the Golden Lair and works in conjunction with the Jumping Frog to pull off "Belly Flop".

Skills Edit

  • Electric Dive (Uses Legs): Inflicts Volt damage on a single target with splash damage.
  • Belly Flop (Uses Legs): Co-op move that reduces Burst Gauge.

Related Monsters Edit

Delusion Frog (Etrian Odyssey 2 Untold)Edit

Delusion Frog
Adventurers who are struck by his tongue go mad, behaving as though possessed.
Enemy Data
HP 1680
AT 31
DF 28
Skills Hex
Items None
Weakness Bash, Fear
Resistance Death, Petrify
Immune Curse
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Delusion Frogs are summoned by the Great Frog in its first turn of battle. Their main attack is Hex which will Curse the party and can be potentially lethal for someone attempting to wipe them all out in one move.

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