High Lagaard's upper district

High Lagaard is a city located right next to an Yggdrasil Labyrinth. It too, similar to Etria, is a prosperous town due to the bounties that flow from the Yggdrasil Tree. The city is ruled by the Grand Duchy of Lagaard, High Lagaard's governing body. According to dialogue from the previous game, the Highlander Tribe is in the same region as High Lagaard.

Boroughs: Edit

  • South Ward - Residential zone for a lot of explorers and retirees. Gunner and Landsknecht guilds are here, too.
  • East Ward - An agricultural area where medical herbs are also grown. Home to many Medics and Survivalists.
  • West Ward - A college district full of young people. Also has a lot of Alchemists and War Magi studying there.
  • North Ward - A shopping district. Ronin and Troubadours are often hired as entertainers to bring in customers.
  • Slums - The shady area sitting outside of the town walls. Popular with Hexers and Dark Hunters.
  • Uptown - The upper-class district surrounding the palace. Nobles such as Protectors and Sovereigns live here.

Buildings: Edit

Citizens: Edit

  • Hanna and her husband
  • Quona
  • Abigail and her father, Thompson
  • Regina
  • Cass
  • Marion
  • Minister Dubois
  • Lady Gadriel
  • Rozsika the Erudite
  • Braggart Chap
  • Apicius (deceased)

Explorers/Guilds: Edit

  • Protagonist's Guild: The Fafnir Knight (Protagonist), Flavio, Arianna, Bertrand, and Chloe
  • Beowulf Guild: Hrothgar and Wulfgar
  • Esbat Guild: Artelinde and Wilhelm
  • Tramonte and Marmott's Guild
  • Abrouille

Trivia Edit

  • Apicius made recipes for High Lagaard that involved monsters cooked as it is (as a whole). The reason was believed to be because of High Lagaard's livestock issues. According to Regina, High Lagaard wasn't an easy land to raise livestock. So monsters from the labyrinth were a precious source of meat.
  • According to Hanna, despite High Lagaard being a small city, it has plenty of poor people. As a result, the residents there help one another.
  • Acocording to a small bit of dialogue from Simon, the Highlander's home tribe is in the same region as High Lagaard, which means he is a Lagaardian citizen.

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