High Lagaard's upper district

High Lagaard is a city located right next to a Yggdrasil Labyrinth. It too, similar to Etria, is a prosperous town due to the bounties that flow from the Yggdrasil Tree. The city is ruled by the Grand Duchy of Lagaard, High Lagaard's governing body.

Boroughs: Edit

  • South Ward - Residential zone for a lot of explorers and retirees. Gunner and Landsknecht guilds are here, too.
  • East Ward - An agricultural area where medical herbs are also grown. Home to many Medics and Survivalists.
  • West Ward - A college district full of young people. Also has a lot of Alchemists and War Magi studying there.
  • North Ward - A shopping district. Ronin and Troubadours are often hired as entertainers to bring in customers.
  • Slums - The shady area sitting outside of the town walls. Popular with Hexers and Dark Hunters.
  • Uptown - The upper-class district surrounding the palace. Nobles such as Protectors and Sovereigns live here.

Buildings: Edit

Citizens: Edit

  • Hanna and her husband
  • Quona
  • Abigail and her father, Thompson
  • Regina
  • Cass
  • Marion
  • Minister Dubois
  • Lady Gadriel
  • Rozsika the Erudite
  • Braggart Chap
  • Apicius (deceased)

Explorers/Guilds: Edit

  • Protagonist's Guild: The Fafnir Knight (Protagonist), Flavio, Arianna, Bertrand, and Chloe
  • Beowulf Guild: Hrothgar and Wulfgar
  • Esbat Guild: Artelinde and Wilhelm
  • Tramonte and Marmott's Guild
  • Abrouille

Trivia Edit

  • Apicius made recipes for High Lagaard that involved monsters cooked as it is (as a whole). The reason was believed to be because of High Lagaard's livestock issues. According to Regina, High Lagaard wasn't an easy land to raise livestock. So monsters from the labyrinth were a precious source of meat.
  • According to Hanna, despite High Lagaard being a small city, it has plenty of poor people. As a result, the residents there help one another.

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