High Walrus (Etrian Odyssey III) Edit

High Walrus
High Walrus
A sea beast that's proud of its two sharp, armor-piercing tusks, as well as its immense form.
Enemy Data
HP 456
AT 30
DF 24
EXP 1363
Skills Ruin Fangs
Items Muscled Arm, Icicle Fang (Conditional)
Weakness Fire, Volt
Resistance None
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The High Walrus can be found in the depths of the Undersea Grotto in Etrian Odyssey III: The Drowned City.

The upgraded version of the High Onnep. This one doesn't decrease the partys defense, but uses Ruin Fangs, which hits two times and has a chance of binding the head.

The High Walrus is a pretty strong enemy, but it should go down pretty quickly by using skills.

Skills Edit

  • Ruin Fangs (Uses Head): Hits one party member twice.

Conditional Drop Edit

  • In order to get the High Walrus's conditional drop, the Icicle Fang, you must kill it whilst its head is bound.

Related Monsters Edit

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