Hollow Believer (Etrian Odyssey IV)Edit

Hollow Believer
A subspecies of Hollows that appears in the Misty Ravine. It has the look of one focused in prayer.
Enemy Data
HP 156
AT 22
DF 19
EXP 1849
Skills Icy Blast
Items Misty Wand Shard, Panic Chakra (Conditional)
Weakness Slash, Pierce, Bash
Resistance None
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The Hollow Believer can be found on B3F of the Misty Ravine. Its high evasion makes it difficult to hit unless its legs are bound, and wields ice magic.

Skills Edit

  • Icy Blast (Uses Head): Inflicts Ice damage on a single party member.

Conditional DropEdit

In order to get the Panic Chakra you must defeat the Hollow Believer while it is confused.

Related MonstersEdit

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