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Hollow Queen
Hollow Queen
The mysterious queen of the the Ravine's Hollows. She is her race's progenitor, birthing them constantly.
Enemy Data
HP 3880
AT 37
DF 26
EXP 16000
Skills Lover's Breath, Darkness Wing, Dimensional Cut
Items Dress Scrap, Cursed Eye (Conditional)
Weakness Leg bind
Resistance Ailments
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The Hollow Queen is the second stratum boss in Etrian Odyssey IV and is the source of all Hollows. However, defeating her does not prevent you from encountering Hollows again.

The Hollow Queen is encountered at the end of the Misty Ravine and is the boss of the area, where she is guarding the Medium. A battle automatically ensues when she is approached. Her battle theme is called The Burning Crimson Sword Dances, the theme of all boss battles.


The battle begins with the Hollow Queen in the back row, protected by two Hollow Guards. Quickly dispatch of them using a Runemaster and Sniper. After the Hollow Guards are defeated, the Hollow Queen will move to the front row and summon two Hollow Seers in the back row. They can heal her and also deliver devastating damage at this point in the game. Dispatch of them as quickly as possible using the same method as the guards.

This battle really emphasizes the importance of knowing how to use binds. Leg Bind will reduce all of the Hollows' evasion, making them sitting ducks. This also works on the Queen. Head Bind and Arm Bind will prevent the Queen from casting some of her more devastating attacks. Be cautious as the Queen's health gets low as she gets extremely dangerous, especially when she can inflict panic on the entire party. It's best to take this battle on around level 30 so you have access to second tier skills.

Utilize Wufan's Arcanist skills wisely during this battle. Cast a binding circle, then cast Dismiss Heal or Dismiss Blow depending on your health. Dismiss Blow is quite a potent attack. If you have a Nightseeker, Nerve Circle or Nerve Throw can inflict paralysis which also prevents dodging while amplifying the Nightseeker's damage output. Prior to entering the battle, you should also have discovered the Black Mist Burst skill, which will be pivotal in buying extra turns while the Hollow Queen is unable to dodge or use skills under binds and ailments.


  • Dark Erosion (Uses head): Increases offenses of all allies for 5 turns. Used every 5th turn.
  • Lover's Breath (No limbs): Removes all ailments and binds from all allies.
  • Icy Aria (Uses head): Ranged ice attack to the entire party.
  • Dazzling Eye (Uses head): May cause panic in a target.
  • Darkness Wing (Uses head): Strong melee cut attack to a target.
  • Dimensional Cut (Uses head): Strong but inaccurate melee cut attack to the entire party.


The Hollow Queen's conditional drop is the Cursed Eye. In order to get this, she must die by curse damage. A Nightseeker can cause this affliction but be careful not to kill her with the attack. She must die while cursed, by attacking the player. A portion of any damage she causes will be reflected back on her. This requires some luck.

This, in conjunction with the Indigo Vine dropped by the Wrath Bloom are the necessary materials to make the Arcanist-specific armor: Verdant Attire.

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  • Being the source of newborn Hollows (and that she most likely has a much longer lifespan than standard Hollows), it is possible that the Hollow Queen is the only member of the three Servitor races who remembers her origins (as well as the origins of those three races). She might have even hailed from the era of the Apocalypse.

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