Icy Pincer (Etrian Odyssey IV)Edit

Icy Pincer
A giant mantis with frozen sickles. It controls the cold, freezing anything in order to slice through it.
Enemy Data
HP 3744
AT 47
DF 44
EXP 16432
Skills Frigid Scythe, Overhand Swing, Scythe Dance
Items Frigid Sickle
Weakness Bash, Fire
Resistance Slash, Ice
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Icy Pincer is found in the Sacred Mountains. It moves 2 steps per player step, patrolling small areas in the land. They respond well to the local vegetables and fauna, and dropping a Happiness Hare will turn them into a rare breed.

Should the player find themselves fighting one, binding their arms will shut them down, as with most other monsters of their kind.


  • Frigid Scythe (uses arms): Ice attack to a party member, may instantly kill.
  • Overhand Swing (uses arms): Strong cut attack to a party member.
  • Scythe Dance (uses arms): 2-5 random ice attacks across the entire party.
  • Blinding Blade (uses arms): Cut attack to 1 line, may blind.

Related MonstersEdit

Ice Claws (Etrian Odyssey Untold)Edit

Ice Claws
A mantis with frozen arms. They are extremely aggressive, and have a variety of attacks.
Enemy Data
HP 6220
AT 58
DF 50
Skills Frozen Scythe, Frozen Fury, Blind Blade
Items Frost Scythe
Weakness Fire
Resistance All Physical, Ice
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Ice Claws are FOEs found in Lost Shinjuku. They normally reside over the Chop points on the floors, but if the player gets within 3 squares of them they turn aggressive and pursue the player, moving up to 2 squares per player step. If they lose sight of the player, they return to the nearest Chop point, regardless of whether the player has already harvested from it or not.

When an Ice Claw stands over a Chop point, whatever materials that could be gathered are converted into Severed Plant, a worthless item. On incredibly rare occasions, the player can harvest a Glacier Ootheca from a ruined Chop point which sells for an incredible amount of money - in fact, one quest requires the player to collect one of these.

Skills Edit

  • Frozen Scythe (Uses ???):
  • Frozen Fury (Uses ???):
  • Blind Blade (Uses ???):

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