I've had so many customers that I'm running out of food! Please come see me at the inn once you've read this.

Requirements Edit

Quest Guide Edit

When you reach the inn, Dalla will tell you that he is placing ridiculous orders. "Bring me food that will make me strong!" he says. So your guild is left to figure out what that means so that you can save the inn. You need to catch some food that increases STR and put it in the basket she gave you. Goats from Cloudy Stronghold are good. Take it to the inn.

Now the guy wants food to make him smart. Any food that raises TEC will qualify. Go catch some birds at the Cloudy Stronghold. Give them to her.

At this point he's getting just plain annoying. He wants a Death Mantis's favorite food. Catch some fish (again from the Cloudy Stronghold). Deliver it to Dalla. Now go to the bar and accept your reward.

Reward Edit

  • Increased storage space
  • Exp: 6,200 per member

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