Insectortoise (Etrian Odyssey III) Edit

Resembles an insect, but is structurally unlike any other organism and may actually be alien.
Enemy Data
HP 736
AT 54
DF 52
EXP 3813
Skills Discharge, Lay Egg, Throw
Items Stink Scutellum, Shielded Wing
Weakness Volt
Resistance Bash
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Insectortoise are first encountered on B22F. These strange creatures will, upon death, lay a Pandora Egg. However, doing so prevents any item drop, and they may hasten their own demise thanks to Discharge doing volt damage to the party and itself.

Therefore, to obtain Stink Scutellums and Shielded Wings, they must be slain through petrification.

Skills Edit

  • Discharge (Uses ???):
  • Lay Egg (Uses ???):
  • Throw (Uses ???):

Conditional Drop Edit

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