Calling (guild name)! I'd like you to support a monster investigation on B2F of the Echoing Library.


Quest GuideEdit

Prepare several medical supplies, up to and including TP restoration items, as this will be a long one.

Once you reach B2F of the Echoing Library, a group of soldiers meets with the party and opts to follow them as they hunt and kill several monsters. You start by defeating 1 Proto-Hunter, then 1 Flame Lynx, then 2 Steel Barbs, and finally 3 White Apes. During the duration of this quest, you cannot leave the floor or exit the labyrinth or you have to restart the quest.

You can either opt to continue your explorations as normal while beating the monsters on the way or stay out of sight of the FOEs while you hunt.


  • Additional Burst Skill slot
  • Item: Fast Hare's Gift - Superspeed Burst skill
  • Exp: 6,000 per member

Related QuestsEdit

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