Ironcrab (Etrian Odyssey) Edit

Its metal pincers will shear through even the most hardened armor, so beware its claws.
Enemy Data
HP 1030
AT 349
DF 136
EXP 3598
Skills Scissors
Items Holed Limb (Conditional)
Weakness Volt
Resistance None
Immune All Physical, Ice, Fire
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Ironcrabs are first encountered on B26F, and are the only monsters that will appear on every floor of the Claret Hollows.

Like the profile stats, Ironcrabs are resistant to pretty much anything except for Volt. Trying to kill it with anything else can drag this battle for a very long time, since the damage will minimal (mostly one digit).

Conditional Drop Edit

In order to get the Ironcrab's conditional drop, the Holed Limb, you must kill the Ironcrab with a Piercing attack.

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Iron Crab (Etrian Odyssey Untold) Edit

Iron Crab
Its metal pincers will shear through even the most hardened armor, so beware its claws.
Enemy Data
HP 1580
AT 83
DF 58
EXP 65500
Skills Scissor Wrath
Items Gray Shell, Gray Pincer
Weakness None
Resistance None
Immune Cut, Stab, Fire, Ice
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The Iron Crab is a monster that only appears on B30F in Etrian Odyssey Untold: The Millennium Girl, and is easily the most dangerous random monster that can be encountered in the game. It will never appear by itself, but always with other monsters. In battle, Iron Crabs will do absolutely nothing - until one of the other monsters are taken out. It will then become infuriated and attack the entire party with Scissor Wrath for each defeated ally, sometimes attacking more than once per turn. When angered, its attacks are strong enough to even take out a level 99 character in two or three hits.

Killing the crabs before anything else becomes top priority, though one must also be wary that the FOEs roaming the floor imposes a time limit to finishing the battle before the situation becomes worse. If two of them appear at the same time, you will want to take them out at the same time. Disabling them with arm bind or various ailments can greatly alleviate the incoming damage, but also lengthen the battle and put the party at risk of an FOE joining.


  • Scissor Wrath (uses arms): Melee cut attack to the entire party. Used immediately after an ally dies, and during each turn afterwards.


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Codex data falsely displays this monster's ATK stat, displaying only the its first digit.

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