Iron Turtle (or Shelltor) is a recurring monster, fought on the first three games of the series. On the first two, it appears as a high level FOE, but on the third game, its a normal encounter.

Shelltor is depicted as a colossal, hundred year old turtle. It boasts immense defense and is often related to the ice element, and therefore often attacks with powerful blizzards.

Shelltor (Etrian Odyssey)Edit

A gigantic hard-shelled turtle that preys on unwary adventurers

in the Labyrinth.

Enemy Data
HP 2000
AT 183
DF 84
EXP 2550
Skills Blizzard
Items 100 Shell
Weakness Ice
Resistance Physical Attacks
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Shelltor are the FOEs that patrol the B11F of the labyrinth. They only move once for every two turns that pass. Shelltor ignore the player and walk along a predestined path, usually a circle. The one exception to this path is the Shelltor in the Northeast of B11F; a nearby guard warns the player about this when they first arrive there. There are only 5 Shelltor on the B11F, they aren't appearing on any other floors. Shelltor should be avoided by the inexperienced adventurer due to how strong they are relative to the floor, especially compared to the other FOEs on this floor.

The Shelltor can use Blizzard in battle, an Ice attack that hits the entire party. It's damage can be mitigated with Immunize or Anticold. Like every monster, it can also attack one of your party members normally, dealing decent damage. It's resistance to physical can be troublesome to deal with. Focus on using elemental attacks to bring a Shelltor down.

Skills Edit

  • Blizzard (Uses ???):

Related Monsters Edit

Shelltor (Etrian Odyssey II)Edit

Those who would slay this giant turtle must contend with its hard shell and mighty jaws.
Enemy Data
HP 1440
AT 47
DF 48
Skills Defend, Jaws
Items 100 Shell, Prehnite
Weakness None
Resistance Physical Attacks
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Shelltors are FOEs found in the Fourth Stratum of the Labyrinth, the Petal Bridge. While you move normally, a Shelltor on the map takes 3 steps forward, then 1 step back, along a predestined path, usually walking in a circle. They ignore the player. There are 6 Shelltor on the 16F, 1 Shelltor on the 18F in the far southwest, and 2 Shelltor at around the center of the 20F.

4 of the Shelltor on the 16F are all in the same room. In order to get past without fighting requires recognizing their movements and moving along with them. You need to go through the center of this room. Be prepared to fight multiple Shelltor if you fight one in this room. All other Shelltors are usually ssolated from other FOEs and can be fought alone without other enemies. It is best to avoid these brutes until you can take the heavy damage they can dish out. Inexperienced parties can be total party killed by its Jaws skill.

Shelltors are hurt much more by elemental attacks than by physical attacks; use this to gain an edge. In Battle, a Shelltor can use Defend to up its physical defense even further, and can also use a skill called Jaws that hits the entire party for heavy damage; enough damage to even eliminate the entire party. Bind the Head to prevent it from using Jaws.

The 100 Shell it drops unlocks the Apollo Gun and can't be found anywhere else. Prehinite is better obtained by mining, but 5 of it is required to unlock the Poison Axe, as well as 15 Bee Needles from Waspiors.

Skills Edit

  • Defend (Uses ???):
  • Jaws (Uses ???):

Iron Turtle (Etrian Odyssey III)Edit

Iron Turtle
Iron Turtle
A gigantic turtle with a steel-hard shell. Those who fight it find their weapons shattering.
Enemy Data
HP 474
AT 27
DF 26
EXP 1488
Skills Ice Slurry
Items Century Shell, Topaz
Weakness Fire, Ice, Volt
Resistance Slash, Bash, Pierce
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Iron Turtle is an enemy that is found on B8F.

It often appears alone and as you approach the end of the floor an Iron Turtle can be seen with either another one of its kind or two smaller enemies. Much like it's brethren Shelltors from the earlier games, the Iron Turtle is highly resiliant to Physical Attacks. In addition to that, Iron Turtles can use Ice Slurry, an ice attack that hits 2 - 3 times.

Fights against these enemies are much easier if you have a Zodiac, have skills that uses the elements or forging element stats on your weapons.

Skills Edit

  • Ice Slurry (Uses head): Ice elemental attack that hits 2 - 3 targets.

Conditional Drop Edit

  • None.

Related Monsters Edit

Iron Turtle (Etrian Odyssey Untold)Edit

Iron Turtle
A giant turtle that can provide several good meals, but brute force will enver break its defenses.
Enemy Data
HP 2885
AT 71
DF 54
Skills Ice Breath
Items Century Shell, Scratched Shell
Weakness Volt
Resistance Slash, Bash, Pierce
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Unlike its previous incarnation, the Iron Turtle appears as a randomly-encountered enemy on the northern and eastern areas of B15F of the Azure Rainforest. This area cannot be accessed until the player accepts a quest in the postgame, but when encountered it will be appropriately strong for a high-levelled party to handle, outshining the other monsters that appear on the upper floors of the stratum.

Its most dangerous attack, Ice Breath, can do high ice damage to the party and potentially bind them. By the time one encounters it, all other non-FOE monsters that can be encountered on the floor are no longer threats, so the player can focus their attention exclusively on taking it out. Do be careful if Essence Drainers are nearby, as the Turtle's tough defenses means a prolonged battle which gives them enough time to join in.

To get its conditional drop, the Scratched Shell, defeat it with any attack that isn't an elemental attack. This includes petrification or instantly killing it.

Skills Edit

  • Ice Breath (Uses ???):


  • Strangely, although this monster is related to the ice element and even use a few ice attacks, on two statements of the series, it is weak to ice elemental attacks.

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