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Item CompendiumEdit

Name Worth Description Monster to kill
Tiny Petal (or Lily) 8 en A fragrant white flower from the starting areas.

Woodfly, Venomfly, Take (B3F)

Soft Hide 9 en Soft leather skinned from beasts. Treerat, Mole, Fender, Roller
Small Fang 10 en A small, sharp animal fang. Treerat, Hare
Bug Wing 10 en Beautiful wing with a mysterious shine. Woodfly, Venomfly
Beast Bone 11 en Relatively hard mole's sternum. Mole
Hard Shell 12 en Shiny outer shell of a crab. Clawbug, Clawfly
Hardwood 13 en Piece of a Mandrake's body.

Mandrake, Chop (B1F),

Chop (B5F)

Hare Tail 15 en Fluffy rabbit tail. Hare
Vine 16 en A durable Mandrake root. Mandrake
Horn 18 en Elastic and easily worked horn. Fender, Ragelope
Gum Hide 18 en Elastic leather used for armor joints. Roller, Warbull
Thorn 18 en Red thorn from a crab's shell. Clawfly
Insect Eye 20 en Butterfly eye that's worthless if damaged. Woodfly, Venomfly
Mugwort 20 en A bitter green herb that increases concentration. Chop (B1F), Chop (B5F)
Charcoal 21 en The ashes of a Mandrake. Mandrake
Amber Lump 24 en Solidified nectar used in making medicine. Waspior, Take (B3F)
Red Fruit 25 en Deep red fruit that's unsuitable for eating. Chop (B1F), Chop (B5F)
Stinger 26 en Needle-shaped tail with venom glands. Waspior, Scorpion
Sticky Goo 27 en Adhesive tissue from a Gel. Sleepgel, Venomgel
Sticky Web 28 en Spider's silk that strengthens when dried. Spider
Steel Lump 29 en Rare piece of pure steel obtained from Gels. Sleepgel, Venomgel
Bent Claw 30 en Large claw with a distinctive curve. Sloth
Feather 30 en A jungle avian's large feather. Firebird, Glowbird
Light Wood 32 en Thickest part of a large plant's stalk.

Fangleaf, Maneater,

Chop (B6F C2), Chop (B10F C5)

Dye Petal 34 en Colored petals used for ornaments and dyes. Fangleaf
Crabapple 35 en Small, red fruit that gives an energy boost. Take (B3F),Take (B6F A1),

Take (B8F B4)

Scent Wood 35 en Fragrant tree bark used as a mild restorative.

Petaloid, Eviloid,

Chop (B6F C7), Chop (B10F)

Iron Shell 35 en Steel crab's shell tempered in flame. Scorpion
Bird Talon 35 en Small talon shaped like a hook. Glowbird
Metal Horn 36 en Bull horn with traces of steel.

Warbull, Kuyutha,

Mine (B4F), Mine (B5F)

Thick Leaf 36 en Thick, round leaves that can be boiled into jelly. Eviloid
Tailbone 37 en The tailbone of a bird used in making bows. Firebird
Gum Vine 39 en Plant vine composed of bundled fibers. Petaloid
Starseed 40 en Bitter seed that's good as an antidote. Chop (B6F), Chop (B10F),


Tiger Fur 40 en Slick tiger skin used as an insole for armors. Stingmaw
Mint Leaf 41 en Cool-tasting herb. Clears one's head. Take (B6F), Take (B8F),

Take (B10F)

Tiger Fang 45 en Steel tiger fang used to make sharp blades. Stingmaw
Pyroxene 50 en Shard of a clear, shining stone. Mine (B4F), Mine (B5F)
Steel Bone 51 en Small frog bone containing steel.

Deathant, Bloodant

Scrap Iron 53 en Scrap material with traces of steel. Mine (B6F), Mine (B9F), Mine (B10F)
Gum Throat 53 en Can balloon to ten times its original size. Treefrog, Hexfrog
Bone Shard 53 en Shard of a frog bone that contains steel. Guardant, Servant
Bat Wing 54 en Wing supported by three bones. Woodbat, Vampbat
Fossil 55 en Worthless shattered bones embedded in rock. Mine (B6F), Mine (B9F), Mine (B10F)
Elastic 55 en Strong leather that absorbs shocks. Madworm, Meltworm
Carapace 57 en Gigantic shell made of steel.

Moriyana, Cutcrab

Bug Nest 60 en Moriyanma nest material made of oak branches. Moriyana, Chop (B13F),

Chop (B14F)

Glass Eye 61 en Glassy frog's eye. Hexfrog
Shiny Goo 62 en Oily fluid that creates a rainbow dye. Meltworm
Heated Fur 62 en Mouse skin that radiates heat. Flamerat
Blood Fang 63 en Fang stained with blood. Vampbat
Fish Scale 65 en Bristly fish scales. Sworder
Fire Tail 65 en Mouse tail that radiates heat. Flamerat
Fish Fin 66 en Soft, silky fin from a swordfish's belly. Sworder
White Skin 66 en Pure white tiger skin that's soft to the touch. Sabremaw
White Fang 67 en Sharp, yet somewhat supple, fang. Sabremaw
Crab Leg 68 en Curved crab limb with steel joints.

Cutcrab, Mine (B11F)

Shred Nail 70 en Thin nail used to shred meat. Redclaw
Hard Shard 70 en Rock shards used by the forest folk.

Soldier, Warrior,   Mine (B16F), Mine (B18F)

Shiny Horn 71 en Deer horn that prevents rusting in other metals. Goldeer
Broken Eye 72 en A mantis eye that broke during battle. Mantis
Pure Root 72 en Mutant Y-shaped vine that wards off bad luck. Hexroot
Ink Stick 72 en Carried in a pouch and used for writing. Soldier, Mystic
Red Hide 73 en Deep red bear fur. Redclaw
Tendon 73 en A large Achilles tendon. Immoa
Strawberry 75 en Its high sugar content provides an energy boost. Chop (B13F), Chop (B14F)
Musk 75 en Red deer sachet that solidifies when cooled. Goldeer
Dried Vine 75 en Its intertwining hard fibers are uncuttable. Hexroot
Sand Cloth 75 en Knitted grass cloth from the Sandy Barrens. Druid, Mystic, Take (B18F),

Take (B20F)

Carminite 76 en Crystallized remains of the Firebird. Firebird
Sand Twig 76 en Wood gathered from the Sandy Barrens. Druid, Chop (B19F)
Ant Honey 79 en Cluster of honey stored in ants' abdomens. Servant
Rock Coral 80 en Can be brewed to form medicine. Treefrog, Mine (B11F)
Silver Eye 80 en A mantis eye with flecks of steel. Mantis
Nyx Scythe 80 en A soft white mantis scythe with red stains. Mantis
Fairy Wing 80 en Wing from the smallest of the forest folk. Pixie, Faerie
Fairy Sap 82 en Honey gathered by the forest folk. Pixie, Faerie
Red Plume 83 en Feather taken from a Carmine Beak's wing. Redbeak
Stiff Hide 85 en Hard, stiff wolf's fur. Wolf, Skoll
Red Beak 85 en Sharp beak from a predatory bird. Redbeak
Steel Chip 86 en Used by the forest folk. Contains various metals. Warrior, Mine (B16F),

Mine (B18F)

Tiny Tooth 86 en Blade-like tooth for attacking prey. Darkhare
Rex Throat 88 en Highly elastic King Frog's throat. Kingfrog
Demon Fur 89 en From a demonic rabbit that slaughters humans. Darkhare
Gum Thread 89 en Spider's silk with hooked protrustions. Silker
Stab Shell 90 en Conch with 16 spikes. Chop (B14F)
Space Nail 90 en Nail of uncategorizable meteorite steel. Maul
Red Fur 94 en Flame-colored wolf's fur. Direwolf
Gem Core 96 en Crystal core sometimes found in Gels. Burstgel
Dry Peach 99 en Peach that can be brewed into medicine. Sickwood, Chop (B18F),

Chop (B19F)

Life Honey 99 en Honey that cures any infirmity.

Kingapis, Take (B21F),

Take (B23F), Take (B24F),

Chop (B26F), Chop (B28F)

Whitestone 100 en Ivory stone used as construction material. B1F Event, Mine (B4F), Mine (B5F),

Mine (B6F D3)

Sea Branch 100 en Beautiful branch that fetches a high price. Chop (B13F)
Red Blood 100 en Flame-colored wolf's fur that doesn't fade. Direwolf
Death Stem 100 en Dark stem that evokes a feeling of death. Muskoid, Chop (B21F),

Chop (B22F), Chop (B23F)

Angel Wing 101 en The translucent wing of a Divine Bee. Kingapis, Take (B21F),

Take (B23F), Take (B24F)

Blue Blood 102 en Gigantic insect blood excellent for dyeing. Clawlord, Kingyana
Gold Fur 103 en Fur of a ferocious golden beast. Varaha, Hellbull
Space Husk 103 en Shell of uncategorizable meteorite steel. Armoroll
Gold Tusk 106 en Triangular tusk containing gold. Varaha
Gold Shell 109 en Shining shell of a gigantic insect. Clawlord
Gold Horn 121 en Twisted bull horn containing gold. Hellbull
Space Claw 125 en Claw of uncategorizable meteorite steel. Kingyana, Desouler
Corundum 130 en Ore that shines blue and red when polished. Mine (B11F)
Cross Seed 150 en Seed from a flower with cross-like petals. Take (B6F), Take (B8F),

Take (B10F), Chop (B10F),

Take (B18F), Chop (B18F),

Chop (B19F), Take (B20F),

Take (B26F), Take (B28F),

Mine (B28F)

Sap Wine 165 en Extracted from trees in the Sandy Barrens.

Chop (B18F), Chop (B19F),

Chop (B26F), Chop (B28F)

Narcissus 170 en Fleshy flower with water stored in its petals. Chop (B14F), Chop (B21F),

Chop (B24F), Mine (B26F),

Chop (B28F), Mine (B28F)

Cordyceps 180 en Fungus that grows on the corpses of fairies. Take (B18F), Take (B20F C6),

Take (B26F), Take (B28F)

Large Fang 250 en Large beast fang good for carving. Ragelope, Kuyutha
Thin Shell 300 en High-quality crab shell that's very thin.

Assassin, Mine (B6F),

Mine (B9F), Mine (B10F)

Hell Wing 320 en A beautiful wing colored red and blue. Hellfly
Bird Limb 350 en The limb of an ancient bird. Moa
Cullinan 350 en Gigantic gem cut from pyroxene ore. Mine (B16F), Mine (B18F)
Bear Fur 370 en Sturdy, thick bear fur. Cutter
Toxic Barb 400 en Rare scorpion stinger dyed purple with venom. Assassin
Oleander 450 en White flower that grows in the Sandy Barrens. Cruella, Diabolix,

Take (B20F A3)

Gum String 480 en Thin string wrapped in a rubbery outer skin. Take (B21F), Take (B23F),

Take (B24F)

Throb Vine 510 en Tentacle-like wood that moves even after cutting. Sickwood
Shiny Vine 530 en Crystallized plant vine. Chop (B22F), Chop (B23F),

Chop (B24F)

Shiny Seed 550 en Shining flower used for medicinal purposes. All Mine and Chop points in

the fifth stratum,

Mine (B26F), Mine (B28F)

Red Blade 580 en A blood-encrusted crab's pincer. Killclaw
Drywall 630 en Brittle gray material usable for construction. Mine (B21F), Mine (B23F),

Mine (B24F)

Crystwall 650 en Shard whose rock core is usable for construction. Mine (B21F), Mine (B23F),

Mine (B24F)

Yellow Ore 690 en Yggdrasil cells that became yellow pyroxene. Monocyte, Largeant
Azure Ore 700 en Yggdrasil cells that became blue pyroxene. Rockwood, Blader
Red Ore 710 en Yggdrasil cells that became red pyroxene. Flamegel, Red Cell, Songbird
Bug Scale 780 en Butterfly scales from the forest's depths. Hazefly, Hellfly
Huge Fang 800 en Fenrir's fang, used for crafting weapons. Fenrir
White Hide 830 en Fenrir's hide from below its fur. Fenrir
Scythe 900 en Sharp but thin mantis scythe. Stalker
Gem Scale 900 en Mysterious powder that disperses light. Hazefly
Black Root 960 en Became black by feeding on abandoned corpses. Evilroot
Tri-Color 980 en Multicolored pyroxene with mystical powers. Mine (B26F), Mine (B28F)
Holed Limb 1050 en Steel crab leg with holes drilled into it. Ironcrab
Tough Wing 1100 en Wyvern wing resistant to all types of attack. Wyvern
Ambrosia 1100 en Renewing flower vital to the Yggdrasil Project. Take (B26F), Take (B28F)
Harvester 1100 en Scythe capable of reaping anything. Stalker
Golem Rock 1200 en Golem fragment that's hard as a rock. Golem
Sharp Horn 1200 en Cernunnos' horn. It has magnetic properties. Cernunos
Royal Hide 1200 en Smooth yet tough alligator hide. Kingdile
Evil Plume 1250 en Beautiful feather from the Forest Demon's arm. Hunter
Odd Fruit 1250 en Fruit that oddly resembles a human head. Metalion, Lucifird
Cold Scale 1300 en The result of scales frozen in battle. Hazefly, Hellfly
Moschino 1300 en Mysterious plant that perpetually spreads mist. Chop (B26F), Chop (B28F)
Great Tusk 1400 en Large elephant tusk broken at the root. Armoth
Evil Shell 1400 en Forest Ogre shell drenched in sorrow. Ogre
Sternum 1450 en A Deathbringer sternum that's harder than steel. Dinolich
Death Claw 1600 en The Queen Ant's blade-like claw. Royalant
Evil Crest 1600 en Feathers that adorn the Forest Demon's head. Hunter
100 Shell 1700 en A 100-year old tortoise's shell. Shelltor
Red String 1700 en Whip-like vine carried by the Cruel Mistress. Cruella
Curse Tusk 1700 en Elephant tusk with onimous engravings. Treetusk
Huge Fin 1800 en Cotrangl's fin made of flexible fibres. Cotrangl
Red Thread 1950 en Whip-like vine carried by the Lady of Misrule. Diabolix
Gem Plume 1950 en Mysterious tail feather enclosed in crystal. Songbird
Evil Scale 2000 en Green scale taken from the Forest Ogre's arm. Ogre
Gator Skin 2100 en Hard skin covered with wedge-shaped scales. Muckdile
Steel Claw 2200 en Iwaropenelep's claw. Contains various metals. Iwaopeln
Royal Mane 2200 en Noble mane of the Forest King. Cernunos
Ant's Jaw 2400 en The Queen Ant's mighty crushing jaw. Royalant
Headroot 2500 en Yggdrasil bulb shaped like a human head. Take (B28F)
Armroot 2500 en Yggdrasil bulb shaped like a human arm Chop (B28F)
Legroot 2500 en Yggdrasil bulb shaped like a human leg. Mine (B28F)
S Leaf 2500 en Small leaf taken from a Yggdrasil bud. Sprout
Toxic Hand 3000 en A black beast hand containing strong venom. Manticor
Wine Whip 4000 en The Cruel Mistress' scented purple lash. Diabolix
Rose Whip 4200 en The Lady of Misrule's sweet-smelling red lash. Cruella
Tough Fang 5000 en Fluted fang taken from an intact Wyvern head. Wyvern
Statue Arm 5000 en An intact Golem arm. Golem
M Leaf 5000 en Regular leaf taken from a Yggdrasil bud. Bud
Royal Vine 5500 en Part of the vines adorning Alraune. Alraune
1000 Shell 6000 en Shell of a 1000-year old tortoise. Shellord
Gold Plume 7000 en Iwaropenelep's stunning wing feathers. Iwaopeln
Ice Spine 6000 en Chilled spine of the Cotrangl. Cotrangl
Hex Chain 6666 en Polished chain that deludes those who see it. Tlachtga
Beast Eye 7000 en Manticore's eye with a multicolored shine. Manticor
Ebon Plume 7000 en Feather unique to each bird. Macabre
Sword Rib 7500 en A rare sword-like rib taken from Deathbringer. Dinolich
Velvet 8000 en Exquisite cloth made from Alraune's petals. Alraune
Fire Fang 8000 en Wyrm's fang that radiates intense heat. Wyrm
Frost Bone 8000 en Icy bone of the Blizzard Drake. Drake
Hex Marrow 8200 en Bone center unaffected by alchemic reactions. Treetusk
Barbel 8500 en The Spark Dragon's whisker-like barbel. Dragon
Old Shell 9000 en Intact shell of a 1000-year old tortoise. Shellord
Ruby Skull 9100 en Skull composed of the mythical Crimsolite. Teralich
Ruby Bone 9200 en Marrow composed of the mythical Crimsolite. Teralich
Volt Core 9800 en Embryo of a dragon's cell. Wyrmoid, Drakoid, Dragoid
Shroud 10000 en Fragile bark enveloping Yggdrasil's corpse. Etreant
L Leaf 10000 en Large leaf taken from a Yggdrasil bud. Clover
Flame Skin 12300 en Dragon skin that's resistant to fire. Wyrmoid
Frost Skin 12300 en Dragon skin that's resistant to ice. Drakoid
Volt Skin 12300 en Dragon skin that's resistant to voltage. Dragoid
Fire Scale 13000 en A single sharp scale from the Scarlet Wyrm. Wyrm
Ice Scale 13000 en A single sharp scale from the Blizzard Drake. Drake
Volt Scale 13000 en A single sharp scale from the Spark Dragon. Dragon
Demon Core 18000 en The Labyrinth Core's essence. Primevil