Iwaoropenelep (or Iwaopeln in Etrian Odyssey), known as Twiniwao in Japan, is a recurring boss of the series, appearing in Etrian Odyssey and its remake as an stratum boss, and on Etrian Odyssey IV as an optional boss.

This gargantuan bird, although beautiful, is extremely powerful, having control over volt element. It can also attack with its sharp feathers and its beak, that can petrify those unfortunate enough to be hit by it.

Iwaopeln (Etrian Odyssey) Edit

The forest folk's guardian bird, called Beak-Cracks-Boulders in an ancient tongue.
Enemy Data
HP 9000
AT 330
DF 125
EXP 25000
Skills Voltwing, Feathers, Rockbeak
Items Steel Claw, Gold Plume
Weakness Ice
Resistance Volt
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Iwaopeln is the guardian of the Forest Folk, the race native of the labyrinth. In order to kill it, you must first defeat the folk's army that backs it up.

Strategy Edit

Iwaopeln, by itself, is already a very challenging boss. However, there's a catch to this fight, making it even worse.

Once you step on the floor, you will notice how it is full of FOEs. The point is, the boss will not die until every FOE on this floor has died. This means that, even if you manage to kill the boss, if there is even a single FOE alive, the boss will shortly revive after the battle, and return to its original position on the map. You MUST leave the battle against Iwaopeln as the last fight. To make things worse, should you leave the labyrinth, all the FOEs you killed will respawn, forcing you to restart the whole process. Should you need to heal, you must walk all the way to the healing fountain on B18F. Also, you can still save the game at the Geomagnetic Field, but you must not leave the labyrinth.

The FOEs you will face on this floor include: 4 Diabolixes, 4 Cruellas, 2 Hunters and 4 Ogres. Check each article if you need help in beating those.

Also, make sure that your Medic has learned refresh, and its skill level is high enough to cure petrify.

Iwaopeln has some pretty powerful attacks. Faster increases its speed. Since the boss is already extremely fast on its own, it doesn't makes much difference, most of the times it's a free turn for you. Volt Wing deals some big damage too, and since it's an elemental attack, Defender won't reduce its damage. A maxed or boosted Immunize should be enough to be able to survive it without much trouble however. Feathers is much weaker, and although being multi-hiting, it's a physical attack, so it's easier to defend against. Rock Beak is dangerous. It deals some serious damage, even if your defenses are buffed, and has a very high chance of petrifying the target. This can be countered by Refresh, or status-healing items. Roar is, by far, the most dangerous attack. It can inflict confusion on your whole party, with high chances of landing. It can be pretty dangerous if your buffs are running low on duration. Make sure to have your medic equipped with confusion resistant accessories, and that its Refresh skill level is high enough.

Getting Immunize and Defender, as always, is important here, so that the boss attacks won't hurt you more than necessary. Iwaopeln's defenses are low, meaning you can focus on defense a little more on this fight. Once again, protector's Smite can deal a lot of damage, along with defender. You can also use antivolt, to nullify Volt Wing, but the damage is weak with Immunize, so it isn't necessary. Survivalists are quite a force on this fight. Due to the boss' weakness against pierce, you can deal quite a lot of damage with Multihit and Apollon, making this fight much easier! You can also use 1st Turn to guarantee the characters to be faster than the boss, since it has a high speed stat. Alchemists are also very helpful, their ice skills can dish out quite a lot of damage. Landsknecht can use Freezer to follow up your alchemist, for great damage too. Allslash isn't as helpful, since it has no minions. Dark Hunters are pretty good on this fight too! If you can bind its head, you prevent the boss from casting its most powerful attacks, Rock Beak and Roar. Binding its arms can also stop it from casting both Feathers and Volt Wing. Ecstasy is helpful if you can bind the boss completely, but since it is resistant to binds, you probably won't be able to bind more than two parts of it. Troubadours can cast Ymir, Frost and Bravery on your best attackers, for massive elemental damage on the boss. Ronins, once again, can deal huge damage to the boss, with Midareba, Hyosetsu or Gatotsu, and can even aid your landsknecht with its elemental attacks. Hexers aren't as helpful, though. They can cast Cranial and Abdomen to bind the boss, similary to dark hunters, and use Frailty to reduce its defense. Revenge is pretty powerful, but hard to use since the boss often hits more than a single target.


  • Faster (Uses ???): Increases Speed.
  • Rock Beak (Uses ???): Deals very heavy damage and may petrify a target. The damage this attack deals is huge, getting close to 200 HP if not protected, and even if protected, it will deal damage close to 100 points. The petrify, although annoying, can easily be dealt with using the skill refresh.
  • Roar (Uses ???): Inflicts confuse on the whole party. By far, its most dangerous attack, as a completely confuse party means certain game over. If you are lucky enough to not get your medic inflicted by it, cast Refresh as soon as possible.
  • Voltwing (Uses ???): Deals heavy, volt-elemental damage to the whole party.
  • Feathers (Uses ???): Deals medium, slash-based damage to random targets. Hits 4-5 times.

Iwaoropenelep (Etrian Odyssey IV)Edit

A legendary bird with golden feathers, said to be capable of shattering mountains.
Enemy Data
HP 20000
AT 65
DF 62
EXP 146255
Skills Supersonic Wing, Deathbringer, Twin Talons
Items Damascus Claw, Chaos Feather (Conditional)
Weakness Ice
Resistance Volt
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Iwaoropenelep resides behind a locked door in Moth's Garden and cannot be accessed until the post game, after the player accepts the quest The ominous gale and collects the Omnikey.

Iwaoropenelep is a fearsome bonus boss, capable of petrifying a party member with its skill Deathbringer. It can also increase its own speed in order to attack first. A party of level 60 or higher is recommended for this monster.

Skills Edit

  • Supersonic Wing (Uses arms): Increases turn speed and damage of Sonic Boom.
  • Deathbringer (Uses head): Stab attack to 1 party member, may petrify.
  • Twin Talons (Uses head): 2 ranged attacks across the entire party randomly, may bind arms.
  • Sonic Boom (Uses arms): Weak ranged attack to the entire party, may stun.
  • Grab (Uses legs): Stab attack to 1 party member, may bind head.
  • Chaosbringer (Uses head): Stab attack to 1 party member, may panic.
  • Thunderwing (Uses arms): Ranged volt attack to the entire party, may paralyze.

Conditional Drop Edit

In order to obtain the Chaos Feather, you must defeat Iwaoropenelep while it is confused. This alone unlocks the Sylpheed, the best armor in the game for Snipers.

Related Monsters Edit

Iwaoropenelep (Etrian Odyssey Untold) Edit

The forest folk's guardian bird, called "Beak-Cracks-Boulders" in an ancient tongue.
Enemy Data
HP 14400
AT 48
DF 40
EXP 100000
Skills Thunderwing, Pinion Spear, Wind Breath, Chaosbringer, Deathbringer, Thunderwing, Grip
Items Steel Claw, Golden Plume (conditional)
Weakness Ice
Resistance Fire, Volt
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Iwaoropenelep returns in the remake, keeping its original role as boss of the Sandy Barrens.

Strategy Edit

It no longer is necessary to kill all the FOEs in the room in order to kill Iwaoropenelep, making it a little easier to kill. However, there is a different catch this time: if any of the FOEs turn aggressive on you, so will Iwaoropenelep, meaning that a more stealthy approach will be required. If Iwaoropenelep is the one that spots you, all FOEs in the quadrant you are currently in will respawn and attack you. Iwaoropenelep will rotate 90 degrees clockwise every 2 player steps.

The easiest route to take is the east one, as the Forest Ogres are rather easy to avoid, and there is a small area you can hide on the corridor leading to the boss. There, you can wait and go for a back attack, giving you a free turn when killing them. Approaching from the north quadrant is another viable option as the rotating Diabolixes make it easy to get a back attack on them. The FOEs in this room don't respawn when you leave the labyrinth this time, so once the quadrant is cleared, you can escape to heal and return to fight Iwaoropenelep at full strength.

Alternatively, follow these exact directions to not have to fight any FOE at all and get a pre-emptive attack. First off, make sure you have already seen the event with Kupala summoning Iwaoropenelep. This guide's starting point will be when you enter B20F and Iwaoropenelep is already in place.

After entering the big room, Iwaoropenelep should be faced north (if this is not the case, exit the floor and re-enter. In some cases, Iwaoropenelep will not turn at all and will just face south, in that case, lure her towards you for one or two movement actions (fighting is not required), exit the floor and she should be turning around.). Head for the eastern room, walk through the door to the ogre area, take two steps north (you will get spotted here, don't worry, it's all part of the plan), two steps south, through the door again. You are now back in the south-eastern room. Walk two steps south, two steps north and re-enter the room with the Ogres. From here, two steps up, one step left, one step up, one step left, one step up and one final step left. You should be in the corridor to the right of the boss. Move two steps towards Iwaoropenelep and one step down so that you hide in the small gap outside of her vision. If you've done everything correctly, she should look to the right. Finally, move left once, and then right once, move up once and run straight left towards the boss to get the pre-emptive attack.

The fight itself is largely the same, but the boss is a lot stronger than before. Iwaoropenelep will always open the fight with its main attack, Thunderwing, which deals heavy volt-elemental damage and can paralyse the target, and use it every 4 or 5 turns afterwards. This can be very dangerous, especially for the added paralysis effect. Having Volt Wall at level 5 is important in order to avoid the damage and the status effect, anything lower or higher than that won't block the paralysis. (Note: If you enter he battle with an pre-emptive attack, Iwaoropenelep will not use Thunderwing, but will attack with Grip.) Grip may bind the entire body of the target, and while not as dangerous, can be annoying depending on who it hits. Having Unbind or Theriaca A helps in dealing with the binds. Pinion Spear deals moderate damage to random target, although it has low accuracy. Chaosbringer and Deathbringer each deal heavy to a character and adjacent targets, as well as inflicting confusion and petrification respectively. Both status are dangerous, and should be dealt with using status removing skills or items. When its health gets low enough, Iwaoropenelep starts using Wind Breath, which deals a small amount damage and has a high chance of stunning the entire party for a turn and lowers their evasion, making Pinion Spear a lot deadlier.

Your main worry here are the status effects, and having ways of removing/preventing them is important. Protecting the character with Volt Wall from these is a must, as Volt Wing can easily wipe your entire party. Binding Iwaoropenelep's head is useful, as both Bringer skills use it, and will also increase the damage the boss takes from ice attacks, its main weakness. Binding its arms blocks Thunderwing also, so it can be helpful as well. Wind Breath can disrupt your healer, so having a few Soma items can be useful for emergency healing. Buffing your defenses or reducing Iwaoropenelep's attack power can also help if you are having trouble keeping up with the damage. Overall though, as long as you can deal with the status effects, Iwaoropenelep shouldn't be much harder than the previous bosses.

Skills Edit

  • Thunderwing (Uses ???): Deals heavy volt-elemental damage to the entire party and may inflict paralysis.
  • Grip (Uses ???): Attempts to bind the arms, legs and head of a single target.
  • Pinion Spear (Uses ???): Attack random targets 4-5 times for medium damage. Low accuracy.
  • Chaosbringer (Uses ???): Deals heavy damage to a single character and adjacent targets, as well as inflicting confusion.
  • Deathbringer (Uses ???): Deals heavy damage to a single character and adjacent targets, as well as inflicting petrification.
  • Wind Breath (Uses ???): Deals low damage to the entire party, and has a high chance of stunning them for a turn.

Conditional Drop Edit

  • In order to get Iwaoropenelep's conditional drop, Golden Plume, you need to kill it while it is paralysed. Also this boss has a third drop called Gold Feather, however in order to get it a quest to obtain said item must be taken at the pub first.

Iwaoropenelep (Etrian Odyssey 2 Untold)Edit

A guardian bird of the forest folk, its name means "one who cracks boulders".
Enemy Data
HP 31000
AT 97
DF 68
EXP 260000
Skills Thunderwing, Pinion Spear, Wind Breath, Chaosbringer, Deathbringer, Thunderwing, Grip
Items None
Weakness Ice
Resistance Fire, Volt, Stun, Fear, Sleep, Blind, Leg Bind
Immune Death, Petrify, Curse, Panic, Paralyze, Poison, Arm Bind
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Iwaoropenelep is the 5th boss fought in sequence in the downloadable quest Treasures Untold.

Mercifully, unlike Fenrir and Queen Ant before it, Iwaoropenelep is fought alone, with none of the FOEs found on its floor. Otherwise, the battle is largely the same as the previous game, with Iwaoropenelep throwing down Thunderwing from the beginning and every 3-4 turns afterwards. Prepare a Volt Wall user for this purpose. As its health drops, it will start to spam Wind Breath that has a tendency to stun the party and reduce their evasion, making them susceptible to the otherwise inaccurate Pinion Spear.

It is at this point where the player should start to feel their TP reserves running low after fighting through 4 bosses before, without a chance to heal and save. Don't give up.


  • Thunderwing (uses arms): Ranged volt attack to the party, may paralyze.
  • Chaosbringer (uses head): Melee bash attack with splash effect, may cause panic.
  • Deathbringer (uses head): Melee bash attack with splash effect, may petrify.
  • Pinion Spear (uses arms): 6-8 ranged stab attacks randomly across the entire party. Low accuracy.
  • Wind Breath (uses arms): Ranged almighty attack to the party, may stun. Lowers evasion for 5 turns.
  • Grip (uses legs): Ranged cut attack to the party, may bind arms.


  • Due to its nature as a guardian of the forest folk tribe and affinity to the volt elemental, this boss may be based on the legendary Thunderbird, a creature that's part of the culture of certain north-american indigenous tribes. The ability of the Iwaoropenelep to revive itself during the first game may also originate from the mythical Phoenix.


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