The Jig Lizard is a green and blue chameleon that dances around with its tongue out and its arms in the air. It first appears in Etrian Odyssey IV

Jig Lizard (Etrian Odyssey IV)Edit

Jig Lizard
A rare lizard that can blend into the scenery and disappear, making it easy for it to catch prey.
Enemy Data
HP 181
AT 17
DF 13
EXP 722
Skills Camouflage, Icicle
Items Rainbow Skin, Rickrack Tongue
Weakness None
Resistance Ice
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The Jig Lizard appears in the Lush Woodlands and Dense Bushland. While not particularly tough, the Jig Lizard will turn invisible; causing any attack to miss unless its legs are bound. But it will appear visible in the next turn, using Icicle.

Skills Edit

  • Camouflage (Uses Head):
  • Icicle (Uses Head):

Related MonstersEdit

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