A key was found in the Echoing Library... It's likely used in the Forgotten Capital at Yggdrasil. Someone solve this Mystery.


  • Open the Throne door granting access to the rest of the Forgotten Capital
  • After accepting the quest, obtain the key from the Client.

Quest GuideEdit

There is a pair of doors that were locked at D/1-2/2 and D/1-2/4, both of these doors are relevant to this Quest.

To solve this quest (and not open the wrong door) you'll have to have read the "Elemental" books in each of the secret portions of the 4 mazes. Though if you want a hint to which element each set of doors is asking about, go between the two doors and check, there will be a hint for each set. The answers are below:

  • "Wind that sways the grass and leaves. What art thou?"
    • Answer: The singer of the origin (Right Door)
  • "Water that crashes over the rocks. What art thou?"
    • Answer: The deceiver of travellers (Right Door)
  • "Flames that flicker passionately. What art thou?"
    • Answer: One born from chaos (Left Door)
  • "Earth that is never changing. What art thou?"
    • Answer: One who raises the holy tree (Left Door)

Answering wrongly will unleash a flurry of arrows, inflicting heavy damage across multiple party members. At the end of the passageway lies a chest containing Snake and Bowl, which unlocks the Hygieia's Bowl Burst Skill. With the treasure in tow, return to the client. He expresses his gratitude at understanding the purpose of the key, and you get to keep the Burst skill in addition to the other rewards from the quest.


  • Items: Evil Eye Club
  • Exp: 8,000 per member
  • Bonus: Snake and Bowl (Hygieia's Bowl Burst Skill)

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