Kibagami is a recruitable ally in Etrian Odyssey IV: Legends of the Titan and the representative of the Sentinels. He can also be a guest character on B3F of the Golden Lair at level 38.

As a character Edit

Personal Details
Status Alive
Race Sentinel
Gender Male
Professional Details
Class Bushi/Medic
Affiliation Sentinel Village
Voice Actors
Japanese Miyake Kenta
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Kibagami is a boss and ally in Etrian Odyssey IV. Kibagami is met on B1F of the Golden Lair. Before you can move on in the Golden Lair, you must accept the mission Obtain the legendary heart!, and defeat Kibagami in a show of strength. After, you will be allowed to roam the depths, eventually reaching B3F where Kibagami can be a guest ally.

He is fought before the Boiling Lizard and gives you the ability to set a subclass after you beat him. He can be registered into your guild after the Medium is taken by Whirlwind (aka Logre).

As an opponent Edit

A hero of the Sentinels who challenges those who come to the village to test their strength.
Enemy Data
HP 3510
AT 38
DF 30
EXP 10064
Skills Blood Surge, Roar, Shockwave, Deep Breath, Ice Slash, Fire Strike, Charge, Endure, Knockout Blow, Refresh, Healing
Items None
Weakness None
Resistance All ailments and binds
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Kibagami mainly serves to display the power of Bushi and subclassing. Compared to the Hollow Queen in the labyrinth before, Kibagami's fight is shorter, but his attacks can prove to be deadly to the unwary.

He begins the battle with a simple pattern of Moon Slash, Ice Slash or Fire Strike on the next turn, Charge, then followed by the elemental attack he didn't use. Be careful of the times where he uses Charge as he is telegraphing a strong attack on one of your party members - whoever you think is at most risk should defend themselves.

At about 70% health, he uses Blood Surge, which raises his offenses but also causes him to lose health with each action he takes. This is also where his attack choices get randomized as he also adds Shockwave to the mix that can do massive damage to the party. If he Charges while in Blood Surge, put the entire party to defend as a Charged Shockwave under Blood Surge easily causes a game over.

The first time Kibagami takes lethal damage, he will endure it and regain half his max HP, putting his effective HP count to about 5200. When he falls to about 20% health, he uses Deep Breath to heal himself at the cost of canceling Blood Surge, followed by Healing to get his HP back up. On turns of multiples of 6 after this happens he may either use Healing again to sustain himself further or put a party member to sleep with Knockout Blow. He also starts to favour using Shockwave after he enters this phase and may rarely throw a Knockout Blow outside the pattern.

Utilize Strike Guard and Power Break to reduce his damage output and save on turns and TP spent healing. Ailments and head/arm bind are also helpful in blocking out his problematic skills, but because he has a Medic subclass he also has access to Recovery and Refresh to work against this strategy. Be mindful of how many buffs your party has because every 4 turns or so if the party has 3 or more buffs active he can erase all the buffs on one party member with Roar.

He is a little less resistant to instant death than most bosses, so a lucky Assassination can potentially kill him outright and dramatically shorten the battle.

Skills Edit

  • Moon Slash (Uses Arms): Melee cut attack to 1 line.
  • Ice Slash (Uses Arms): Strong melee cut + ice attack to 1 target.
  • Fire Strike (Uses Arms): Strong melee bash + fire attack to 1 target.
  • Knockout Blow (Uses Arms): Melee bash attack to 1 target, may induce sleep.
  • Roar (Uses Head): Damages 1 target and erases their buffs.
  • Charge (Uses Head): Increases the strength of the user's next physical attack.
  • Shockwave (Uses Arms): Ranged cut attack to the entire party, damages self for 351 HP.
  • Blood Surge (Uses Head): Enters the Blood Surge state for increased attack but a loss of 220 HP per action.
  • Deep Breath (Uses Head): Cancels Blood Surge to regain HP.
  • Healing (Uses Head): Restores about 350 HP to self.
  • Refresh (Uses Head): Cures ailments on self.
  • Endure (Uses None): Endures lethal damage once and revives Kibagami with 1755 HP.

Drops Edit

  • None.

Conditional Drop Edit

  • None.

 Trivia Edit

  • In the official drama CD, it is noted that Kibagami has a fear of ghosts.
  • Also in official drama CD, Kibagami is presented to be good friends with Wufan. He is also well-liked in Tharsis by most townsfolk.