King Dragonfly (Etrian Odyssey) Edit

The emperor of the forest dragonflies. Its strong jaws can crack

open anything.

Enemy Data
HP 535
AT 209
DF 126
EXP 2045
Skills Cure
Items Blue Blood, Space Claw
Weakness Volt
Resistance None
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King Dragonfly, known as Kingyana, are first encountered on B24F.

Related Monsters Edit

King Dragonfly (Etrian Odyssey IV)Edit

King Dragonfly
The leader of dragonflies. When any of it's retinue is defeated, it swings its claws, enraged.
Enemy Data
HP 1158
AT 73
DF 72
EXP ???
Skills Revenge Blade
Items Sky Iron Nail, Blue Blood
Weakness None
Resistance Slash, Pierce, Bash, Fire, Ice
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This monster is found in the Hall of Darkness. Much similar to the Thunder Spawn, it will not attack the party unless one of its allies has fallen. Once an ally has fallen, it will continuously spam Revenge Blade, a powerful slash attack that attacks at random. It has high defense and is resistant to everything except Electric typed-damage. It is recommended to eliminate the King Dragonfly before any other monster on the field.

Skills Edit

  • Sharp Claw (Uses Arms): Inflicts Cut damage on a multiple party members, depending on number of enemies slain.

Related Monsters Edit

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