King Penguin (Etrian Odyssey III) Edit

King Penguin
King Penguin
A gigantic bird monster that nests in the Tower of Victory. Its stored fat acts as strong armor.
Enemy Data
HP 20000
AT 56
DF 48
EXP 44000
Skills Withstand, Violent Grudge, Explode
Items King's Fur, Elastic Body (Conditional)
Weakness Fire, Ice, Volt, Slash, Bash, Pierce
Resistance None
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King Penguin is a boss of a sea quest.

The King Penguin is a weird boss. At the start of the battle, it will have a lot of turns where it does nothing. Instead, a message of it being idle is shown instead. It either doesn't notice you or he doesn't bother you hitting it.

Once you have hit it a few rounds, it will start summoning Penguins, who will try to heal up the King Penguin again. Kill the Penguins before you start hitting the King again.

At some point, the King Penguin seems to take you more seriously. It will start using Violent Grudge, which curses your entire party. This can be dangerous, since it is weak to everything and therefore takes more damage than other enemies.

It also starts using Withstand, waiting for your attacks. The logic of this attack is simple: The more damage you pump into it while it withstands, the more damage you will take when it explodes. It will always Explode at the end of the second turn after using Withstand.

Skills Edit

  • Withstand (Uses ???): Absorbs damage to power up the Explode skills that is used in later turns.
  • Violent Grudge (Uses ???): Has a chance to curse the entire party.
  • Explode (Uses ???): Deals damage depending on how much damage you dealt to the user while he was using Withstand.

Conditional Drop Edit

  • To obtain the Elastic Body, you have to kill the King Penguin in five turns or less.

Related Monsters Edit

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