King Snail (also refered to as Kingmai) is an snail enemy found on Etrian Odyssey II and its remake.

Kingmai (Etrian Odyssey II)Edit

Ruler of the Mai-Mais. Bears a resplendent shell and attacks with sticky mucus.
Enemy Data
HP 96
AT 12
DF 12
EXP 831
Skills Mucus
Items Metal Hull, Iron Shell (Conditional)
Weakness Volt
Resistance Stab
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The Kingmai is first encountered on 4F in Etrian Odyssey II: Heroes of Lagaard. They also appear on 5F, and are commonly found in encounters with four Woodmais alongside them.

The Kingmai seems to have a fixed pattern of attack. It will start by using Mucus on a random target, trying to bind the target's legs and arms. As long as the target is bound, the Kingmai will keep attacking it. If the Kingmai deviates from his pattern of attacking a bound target, it will only do so to use Mucus on another target. As Kingmai never show up on their own, but in groups or with other monsters, it is easier to target them last.


  • Mucus (Uses Head): Has a chance of binding both legs and arms of one party member.

Drops Edit

  • Metal Hull (Worth: 11 en)
  • None.
  • Iron Shell (Worth: 22 en)

Conditional Drop Edit

  • In order to get the Kingmai's conditional drop, the Iron Shell, you need to kill it with an ice-elemental attack.

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King Snail (Etrian Odyssey 2 Untold)Edit

King Snail
King Snail
The king of all snails, whose magnificent shell changes attributes when electrified.
Enemy Data
HP 343
AT 13
DF 11
EXP 150
Skills Snail March
Items Metal Hull, Electric Shell (Conditional)
Weakness Panic
Resistance Curse
Immune None
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King Snails are enemies found on the final floor of the Ancient Forest.

Despite its appearance, the King Snail is a quite strong enemy, one of the most powerful in the first Stratum. While these enemies have high HP and defenses, they can't do much in combat while there are other enemies on the battlefield, only using normal attacks.

However, once the King Snail is left alone as the last surviving enemy, it will summon four Forest Snails, move to the back row, and together with them use the powerful Snail March skill. This attack deals a considerable amount of damage, and hits multiple times, based on the amount of Forest Snails present of combat, dealing damage up to a maximum five times. Using Front Guard or other damage mitigating skills is important in order to avoiding taking lethal damage from this attack.

If possible, try to kill the King Snail before the other enemies, otherwise the fight might extend for several turns. Inflicting confusion or leg bind on it is an effective way to stop its attacks. Having attacks that hit an entire enemy line or the enemy party also helps in dealing with the Forest Snail reinforcements.


  • Snail March (Uses Legs): Deals moderate damage to random targets multiple times; the amount of attacks dealt is one plus the amount of Forest Snails in combat.

Drops Edit

  • Metal Hull (Worth: 19 en).
  • None.
  • Electric Shell (Worth: 24 en).

Conditional DropsEdit

  • In order to get its conditional drop, the Electric Shell, you must defeat the King Snail with an volt-elemental attack.

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