King Starfish (Etrian Odyssey III) Edit

King Starfish
King Starfish
The king of the starfish found in the abyss. It absorbs its prey to replenish its stamina.
Enemy Data
HP 308
AT 25
DF 19
EXP 575
Skills Life Absorb, Bloody Supper
Items King Core, Cilial Sucker
Weakness Strike
Resistance Ice
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The King Starfish appears in the second Stratum around the seventh and eighth floor in Etrian Odyssey III.

It has annoying amounts of health and regenerative attacks that make him a pain to deal with. His skills consist of summoning red/blue starfish, Life Absorb, and Bloody Supper. Life Absorb isn't all that powerful but does drain health. Bloody Supper can only be performed with a King, a red, and a blue starfish are together. It's a moderately powerful attack that hits the entire team and heals the king.

Skills Edit

  • Life Absorb (Uses head): Deals damage to one party member and heals the King Starfish.
  • Bloody Supper (Uses ???): Needs a Blue Starfish or a Red Starfish to be used. Deals damage to the entire party and heals the King Starfish.

Conditional Drop Edit

  • To get their conditional drop, the Cilial Sucker, the King Starfish has to be killed by a pierce attack.

Related Monsters Edit

Trivia Edit

It is the product of many starfish eating each other.

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