Kingdile (Etrian Odyssey)Edit

Called the king of the crocodiles, its natural arsenal makes it

an unstoppable juggernaut.

Enemy Data
HP 4500
AT 333
DF 120
EXP 4000
Skills Shred
Items Royal Hide
Weakness Ice
Resistance ???
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Kingdile is an Etrian Odyssey FOE.

It lives in the fifth stratum, Lost Shinjuku and is much more aggressive than it's relative, the muckdile. The harsher ecosystem has made them quite strong but they are also solitary, territorial beings as opposed to average muckdiles, that are gregarious in nature.

It's usually waiting for prey and, upon detection, will follow the player relentlessly; usually its stalking lasts for pretty long distances, stopping only when the player escapes through a door.

They are also strong, having high attack and defense. Its special attack, Shred, is very powerful and can kill even defenders in 1-2 hits when caught undefended. Like its weaker counterpart, its weak against ice. This is one of the game's most powerful FOEs before reaching the postgame.

Related MonstersEdit

Tusked Crusher (Etrian Odyssey IV)Edit

Tusked Crusher
A fierce crocodile that awaits its prey with its wide jaws open until it can swallow them whole.
Enemy Data
HP 2465
AT 37
DF 40
EXP 14281
Skills Binge Eating
Items Crusher's Hide
Weakness Ice
Resistance All Physical
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The Tusked Crusher roams the Sacred Mountains.

A tougher version of the Dinogator, the Tusked Crusher is not quite as territorial, as it tends to roam, but will still actively go after a party of it gets close enough to them with their Skyship.

When in a fight, it will use the attack Binge Eating, which hits every party member and gets stronger each time the Tusked Crusher uses it. As such, fights against a Tusked Crusher typically devolve into damage races in which the party must bring the Crusher down before it can chew its way through the party's ranks. Binding its head and/or blinding it will make fighting it for a protracted period easier. If reduced to using its melee attack, the Tusked Crusher is a pale shadow of its true power, making binding its head likely the most efficient way to deal with it.

They will be lured away by poultry or fish. Dropping a Golden Goose (from the Windy Plains) or a Dragon Carp (from the Cloudy Stronghold) will turn it into a rare breed.

Related MonstersEdit

Voracious King (Etrian Odyssey Untold)Edit

Voracious King
Called the king of the crocodiles, its natural arsenal makes it an unstoppable juggernaut.
Enemy Data
HP 3285
AT 36
DF 32
EXP 16000
Skills Shredding Bite
Items Royal Hide
Weakness None
Resistance Stab
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The Voracious King is an FOE found in Gladsheim Area 3. It pursues the party if they stand up to 3 squares away from it.


  • Shredding Bite (uses head): Melee attack to 1 line, may cause fear.

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