Kirin (Etrian Odyssey III) Edit

A lightning beast Olympia took from the Deep City. Its dignified bearing makes its foes tremble.
Enemy Data
HP 12830
AT 48
DF 44
EXP 35120
Skills Ripping Neigh, Divine Wrath, Imperial Pride, Retribution, Tail Swing
Items Blue Scale, Crimson Tail (Conditional)
Weakness None
Resistance Volt
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Kirin is one of the two possible stratum bosses of the Abyssal Shrine, on Etrian Odyssey III: The Drowned City. He can only be fought on the Armoroad route.

This powerful, legendary beast is summoned by Olympia in order to stop the explorers to reach Seyfried.

Kirin takes form of a yellow maned, blue dragon, with a crimson tail. As his appearance suggests, he is well versed in volt elemental attacks, and can also cast some fire magic. It also has a plethora of attacks that can bind the targets, making it a formidable enemy.


Kirin will use Retribution on the first turn and on turns that are multiplies of 5. This is not an issue early on when it deals little damage, but it gets more and more powerful the less HP Kirin has. This makes it essential for you to use Fire Prophecy or Antifire at these turns. If you're using a Hoplite, make sure they're fast enough to use Antifire before Retribution hits. The War Greaves can help greatly with your turn speed.

Kirin will also randomly use Ripping Neigh and Imperial Pride which can inflict various binds at your party. A monk with high level unbind is recommended because another ability, Divine Wrath, will deal a lot more damage to bound party members. Also bring some Theriaca A in case your monk gets a head bind. Other than that, it is a straightforward (but potentially very long) fight.

Attacks Edit

  • Retribution (Uses Head) - hits the entire party, deals more damage as Kirin has lower HP. Fire elemental.
  • Ripping Neigh (Uses Head) - hits the entire party. May inflict Head binds.
  • Imperial Pride (Uses ???) - counters physical attacks with Head, Arm and Leg binds.
  • Divine Wrath (Uses Head) - hits the entire party. Deals more damage to bound targets. Volt Elemental.
  • Tail Swing (Uses ???) - hits the entire party. Strike damage

Trivia Edit

  • Kirin is the japanese form of the legendary Qilin from eastern mythology.

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