Kirjonen portrait
Kirjonen's in-game portrait
Personal Details
Status Alive
Race Human
Professional Details
Class Fortress/Runemaster
Affiliation Tharsis
Faction King Bjornstad's Holy Rune Knights
Voice Actors
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Kirjonen is a fellow explorer who can be encountered by the party on airship, along with Wiglaf. His airship is denoted by its blue color, compared to Wiglaf's red and pink one.

Personality Edit

Kirjonen is shown to be calm and stern, a contrast to Wiglaf's hotblooded and bold personality. His actions reveal his respectful nature, even burying defeated monsters and praying for them. He admits he does not know much of the world and how to hunt or gather materials.


  • Datamining reveals that Kirjonen follows a relatively reasonable skill build for all stages of the game, but also possesses unique equipment that gives him incredible stat boosts that allow him to function as a respectable elemental attacker.
  • According to his dialogue in the Sacred Mountains after battling monsters alongside the party, Kirjonen is from a foreign country, mentioning a location called the Crystal Palace.
  • His fighting style as a Fortress/Runemaster, partial to offensive volt skills and defensive ice skills, is reflective of his mission to hunt down the very Blizzard King that had breached the castle of the kingdom he serves, and consequently killed their prince before losing one of its eyes to the king's sword.
  • He presents the player with Bronze Icons, Silver Icons, Gold Icons and Platinum Icons respectively across the different lands for their assistance in gathering missions.