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Kirtida is the owner and barkeeper of the Dancing Peacock, the most popular bar in Tharsis. She handles all of the quests and the party is able to accept quests from her.

Personality Edit

Kirtida is a very kind and compassionate person. She is often saddened by the deaths of her customers/adventurers and is usually concerned of the well being of your party. Yet, she knows when to keep a straight face and when to move on. But Kirtida is always sure to bid your guild travel blessings.

She seems to be foreign and not from Tharsis due to her nationality, appearance, and religion. When bidding your party farewell, she often mentions the god, Kismet. She never details who this entity is, but it is probably a deity of her homeland. The Dancing Peacock not only seems to be a bar, but also a place for dance performances there is a large stage in the center. Kirtida herself is possibly gifted in dance.

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