Koolasuchus (Etrian Odyssey III) Edit

This monster's mouth has evolved to be able to catch what prey exists in the abyss.
Enemy Data
HP 256
AT 21
DF 17
EXP 627
Skills Chomp
Items Salamander Lip, Thick Throat (Conditional)
Weakness Pierce
Resistance Volt
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Koolasuchuses are encountered on the 6th floor in the second stratum.

Koolasuchuses aren't really dangerous. They are able to do some damage when first encountered and they do have Chomp, which is an upgraded normal attack, but after a short while they will just fall off powerwise.

Skills Edit

  • Chomp (Uses ???): Deals damage.

Conditional Drop Edit

  • In order to get the Koolasuchus's conditional drop, the Thick Throat, you must kill it with a Volt-elemental attack.

Related Monsters Edit

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